March FFB Fashion Haul Part II


YO BBZ! Fashion Haul Part II is here!


So last month we showed you the fashion haul from Christmas and part of my birthday.  Part II has the rest of my birthday haul and Valentine's Day.   So SInce my birthday is January 20 I am officially the start of Aquairus, nautrally I got the kewlest Aquarius set from Dolls Kill Horoscopez

Click on image for full size & gallery


Here is the back...


...and if you couldn't read the is a better look at them


This velvet bustier/body suit is really comfy. I LOVE how it looks with these white stocking socks and the wetlook miniskirt I borrowed from Kalena. I was checking my Instagram feed for fashion updates for promo work plus updates from my friends on IG who also promote.   I might have sent a naughty selfie to Doc427 too, but I am not telling. 




So next is a REALLY fun set that I have, with two of my most favorite things in the world....

DUDE! NOT COOL! I am still getting dressed- DORKFACE!

TJ: Oops! Sorry- Not Sorry

Well, no surprise, coffee and french fries! 


My phone is strategically placed becasue well I didnt have panties on yet.  That had nothing to do with any selfies allegedly sent to a certain someone.  So if you didnt get a good look at the fries.... 

Last month you saw a couple of outfits that were in Kawaii style.  I have been chatting with my fashion friends on Twitter and IG and we all like both Kawaii and Goth; so we began experiementing  with blending the two styles. Here is . my first shot at the blend. 


Check out the detail of the lace and how while they are similar,  they take on a different feel just with some slight texture variation of the material and the how the black and white complement one other. 

Hope you liked the two part fashion haul.  We are taking the month off in April for the FFB, so we can work on another project for Cover Doll with someone in the Foxx Hole SHHHHHHH!    



Love, Tashionista.







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nice haul tasha. are you still on instagram? we can't find you there anymore.