Mishka's Studio -Indoor sets for Amor 6YE B-cup


As luck would have it, the rains have been severe here in the west coast, and I have been struggling to get a few sets of the outdoors. Well I decided to go back and review some boudoir pics I made for the 6YE lady from last year. So she's a smaller cup size and quite beautiful, and using one of their heads (#20), I managed to get a few cool pics of her. So this form of photography known as boudoir style, is something I do a lot of. In fact many here like and emulate the style. I strive for a few unique poses that are sexy and utilize the hands for that look. I do have a DVD that goes over this photography aspect, and it is very complicated with poses dating back to each era. So a few of the poses are shown. Now, 6YE and most others cannot easily do squatting poses, or even have their fingers touch their noses or mouth easily, so there'a limitation there. In fact I would like a doll that has double jointed elbows and knees, and that for me would open up a great deal of difficult poses. Another issue I have, is with tight joints and heavy dolls - which make for some otherwise simple poses, very difficult to obtain. For example - the doll kneeling was a pose that took me over 5 minutes to get right. The femur/hip joint is so tight that my back would hurt after trying to get her in that pose and place her on the bed. At 90lb, it is rough. So, I normally do these sets for 3 hours straight to get ~20 pics final (20 out of 300-500), and I'm typically beat after that. Somedays I think shooting real women would be so much easier! The end results justify the effort! 

Anyway, here are a few boudoir pics - enjoy!

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