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Kalena Mei


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April 2019

Name: Kalena Mei

Doll's Nickname: KK, Lena

Owner (Alias): TJ_Foxx

Location (State and Country): The Foxx Hole in JERSEY!

Short Bio: Aloha! I am just a girl from Hawaii who wound up in Jersey by fate. I have never been happier. I came to the East Coast for a guy, it didn’t work out. I met Caterina working at Hooters in Atlantic City.

My name, Kalena, is the Hawaiian form of Katherine/Catherine just like Caterina is in her heritage. We started talking one day and just really clicked. When Cat found out I needed a place to stay long term, she invited me home to the Foxx Hole. I immediately hit it off with everyone, especially that crazy chick Tasha! Oh how I love her! Cat, Tasha , Gina, Mari and TJ really are my ʻOhana, which means extended family in Hawaiian.

TJ took me to the Doll meet with Caterina last October and I had a BLAST! I met so many cool dollies. I can’t thank Cat and Tasha enough for their support and encouragement to get me to model. I hope you like our set; TJ was behind the camera and of course Tasha was my coach, fashion consultant and art director for the shoot.

Kalena & TJ_Foxx




Kalena - Poster

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Kalena Vital Statistics

Bust: 32

Waist: 22

Hips: 36

Height: 4’10"

Weight: 68lbs

Bra Size: 32DD

Shoe Size: 5.5

Dress Size: XS-S

Model Date: 2017



Custom Features

Body Type: Boy Toy/Petite 4 - Hybrid

Head Type Sai

Skin Tone: Light Tan

Eye Color: Almond

Eye Shadow: varied

Eye Liner: medium

Eye Liner Color: black

Hair Color: Brown

Hairstyle: Varied

Nail Color: Pink

Lip Color: Red

Pubic Hair Color: Brown

Pubic Hairstyle: Medium Patch







Previous Appearances: B&W photo challenge: Serious Moonlight, and Category X in the Doll Harem

Doll girlfriends: Tasha, Caterina, Mari, Gina, Rari, Akiko, Sadako, Anna Marie, Nutmeg... 

Ambition: Visit Hawaii again

My Best Qualities: My Aloha spirit smiley

Words to Live by: `A`ohe lokomaika`i i nele i ke pâna`i – (No kind deed has ever lacked its reward.)

I Love: Shave Ice, Poke and Sushi.

I Hate: I don't hate, it is not the Hawaiian way. But I don’t like people who are not open to the Aloha Spirit. I am not keen on guys who grab my ass when I am working at Hooters. surprise

Perfect Evening: Dinner on the Lanai, a cool breeze, a pretty sunset over the water and making love.

Untold Fantasy: Make love in the surf on Sunset Beach at sunset.   

I Feel Sexy When: I model sexy clothes or when I am naked under the covers. 

My Idea of fun: Hangin’ with my besties! TDF chat and Dolls Alive!

Aphrodisiacs: Massages, thoughtful presents, sake and sushi

My Lingerie Drawer: Pretty much Victoria's Secret and Dolls Kill 

You can never have enough: Aloha Spirit

Favorite Position: with or without rope? wink  

Favorite Sport: Surfing

Favorite TV show: West World, Jessica Jones, Love, Death and Robots; The OA

Favorite Musical Groups: Eli-Mac; Rebel Souljahz; Bananarama, StreetLight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish Roxy Music

Favorite Places: The North Shore, especially Haleiwa. The Foxx Hole

Favorite Quote : A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale – (Dare to dance, leave shame at home.)  








Kalena Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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Wow, Kalena!  Girlfriend lookin' GOOD!  Of course, as expected, Doc and Larry are completely mesmerized by your beauty captured wonderfully in this stunning photoshoot.  They both would LOVE to make your wish come true by taking turns making love to you in the surf on Sunset Beach.  ;)  Cheers, love!  You, Tash and TJ did AMAZING!

You are capturing some beautiful  pictures, TJ.
I didn't realize Kalena was a Sai model. 
It's such a versitile face that no two ladies look the same.
It allows their unique expressions and personalities to shine through.


Love that second pic....wonderful stuff TJ and KK.