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  • Shall I read you a story before you go to bed, Daisy?
  • But it is still early. Mommy said that I would have plenty of time to play with you before I had to go to sleep.
  • Hmm, I recall your mother doll telling me that I had to make sure you would be in bed by half past seven. That is in half an hour. But ok, what is it you want to play with me.
  • You were my child, Stellai, and I was the mother, ok?
  • Ehh, wouldn’t it be more logical to turn that around? You are clearly kid design, Daisy, and I am clearly adult design. My appearance is a lot more of that of a mother than yours.
  • But Stellai, you are a doll, so I have to be the mother, ok?


  • Now, wait a minute! You are as much a doll as I am. Indeed you are not a ScoonimDoll, you are an giant size MB doll. And there is nothing wrong with being an MB doll, remember? In fact most giant size dolls are embees. But you are a kid styled doll. Mothers are usually adult styled dolls. So I think I better be the mother.
  • But Stellai, you are small. Mothers are always big. So, you cannot be the mother.
  • Bollocks! Since when is size important when you want to be a mother? I know lots of mother dolls that are my size.
  • Ohhhhhh! My mommy says that you cannot say “bollocks”! ‘Bollocks’ is a nasty word.
  • Oh, shi.... ehh... Ok-ok, we’ll have it your way. After all it is just a game we are playing, right? Yes, you can be the mother.

So, ‘Mother’.... what is it that you want me to do?

  • Well, I was the mother and I was going to change your diapers, ok?
  • You are going to change my WHAT?! You’re joking, right?


  • Come here child. Your diapers are really dirty. I need to change them.
  • But I do not wear diapers! Never done in my entire life! Diapers are accessories for baby and toddler dolls!
  •  Oh child, I can smell that your diapers are really dirty. Ok Stellai, now you need to lay down on your back and then I am going to pull down your pants and clean your cuty-puty little buttocks, ok?
  • Pull down my pants??? I assure you, there is no diaper in my shorts and also my buttocks really do not need cleaning. Unless we fill our cavities with fluid we ScoonimDolls do not – cannot possibly leak between our legs. And I know for a fact that my cavities are empty and clean as a whistle.
  • Stellai, you need to put your legs up and stay still and do not move your legs, otherwise it is going to be a big mess.
  • This is just pretending, right? You are not really going to pull my pants, are you?
  • But Stellai, I cannot put diapers over your shorts. Mommy says that isinsanitary.
  • Daisy, I am not going to wear diapers.
  • Stellai, you are a naughty child. In that case I have to tie you to the bed.... Can I use the rope of your grappling hook to tie you to the bed?


  • Wow! Who gave you the idea that you need to tie one to the bed to change diapers? That is not one of your own ideas, is it?
  • Dibby said that if you would not cooperate I should tie you to the bed and then change your diapers and make a photo. But I have forgotten to ask you to bring your camera, so now I cannot make a photo for Dibby. I am sorry.
  • DIBBY SAID.... A PHOTO???? Ahh, so that was the giggling about when she waved me out!
  • Stellai are you now angry with me?
  • No, deary, I am not angry with you. I am going to read you a bed time story and then it is time for you to go to sleep.


Here ends the first part of April Fools Day 2019. Dibby dear, the day is not over yet. I will be home in a few hours and you can rest assured that I am going to use the remaining time of this day very very well....




As for the rest of you who were smart enough not to prank me..... I have some great news for you!

For your convenience you can now also read my website and “Rosaleintje”, my awesome book in.... Portuguese! I know I have had you waiting for this far too long and I am really sorry, but you will see that your patience have paid off, because the translated version is absolutely exquisite. That is, I suppose it is, because I myself do not speak a single word Portuguese, but I have great confidence in my good friend Dilermando, who did all of the translating. And because Rosaleintje is now in Living in Brazil, which is a Portuguese speaking nation, you really want to have this new edition of her book next to the one you already had purchased of course.

Oh, in case you accidently had forgotten to buy my book, well now you have the perfect opportunity to buy the lot, as it is at this moment available in English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. As for the French and German version, we are working on it!

Here is the link to my website in Portuguese. And if you want to see it in another language, then just click the language selection menu: http://stellai-shop.com/home-s-pt.html


P.S.If you have missed my previous blog (February 2019), then just click the link. It is called Enjoyable Times”.

P.P.S. If you have found the connection between the photos and the text, please let me know, because I do not see it. The photos were made a few months ago in our National Open Air Museum, when we wanted to show Kayla all of our famous Dutch historical architecture in once.


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Every time I see your photos of your ladies my thoughts are "WOW! Just how did he get them to do that!?"

Your ladies and your photos and setting are thoroughly INCREDIBLE!

Best wishes


Those who met Koen at the European/UK Doll Meet do know that he is the master of doll posing.

Amazing, you must have a team of assistants to accomplish all this. Also, love seeing some of Holland, I used to spend quite a bit of time there years ago. Always loved my time there.