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March 2020

Name: Mandy

Owner (Alias): JoeBee

Location (State and Country): Alabama, United States  

Short Bio: I stumbled into the 1/6 Scale (12") Dolls and began photography with them. Later thought it would be more affordable to pony up the money for a life sized doll, since clothing and accessories are more affordable. Did my research and found myself on The Doll Forums, and at exactly the right time. Through luck and short essay, I wound being an ambassador for PipeDream Toys Ultimate Fantasy Dolls. I now own 3 dolls from that company a Bianca, Carmen and Mandy. They have been a blessing to my photography hobby.

Mandy & JoeBee




Mandy - Poster

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Mandy Vital Statistics

Bust: 30”

Waist: 20”

Hips: 33”

Height: 5’5” ( 65", 166cm)

Weight: 72lbs

Bra Size: C

Shoe Size: 4

Dress Size: 0

Model Date: February 2020



Custom Features

Head & Body Type: Mandy by Ultimate Fantasy Dolls

Eye Color: Hazel

Eye Shadow: -

Eye Liner: -

Eye Liner Color: -

Hair Color: Brown

Hairstyle: Bobbed

Nail Color: French Tips

Lip Color: Natural

Pubic Hair Color: none

Pubic Hairstyle: none







Previous Appearances: None, this is my first time.

Video: -

Doll girlfriends: Bianca and Carmen

Ambition: Fashion Model ;) 

My Best Qualities: I am very patient and a good listener.  

Words to Live by: Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is only a promise, all we are guaranteed is the gift of now, the present. 

I Love: People who do more doing and less talking about doing.

I Hate: Opionated people and anything political.  

Perfect Evening: Relaxing in bed.

Untold Fantasy: This still remains untold.  smiley

I Feel Sexy When: I feel the the touch of someone who loves me.  

My Idea of fun: I am usually a homebody, snuggling on the couch on a staycation is enough for me.

Aphrodisiacs: -

My Lingerie Drawer: Almost empty, I need to go shopping!  

You can never have enough: Clothes

Favorite Position: Any besides on top. wink 

Favorite Sport: -  

Favorite Musical Groups, Songs: Bunga Citra Lestari, Dan & Shay   

Favorite Movies, Directors: O' Brother Where art Thou? Also, anything by the Cohen Brothers.

Favorite Authors, books: -

Favorite TV show: I am currently hooked on Live PD after losing the remote.

Favorite Places: Kyoto, Japan, I hear it is lovely there at this time of year.

Favorite Quote: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss







Mandy Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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