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August 2021

Name: Nicole

Doll's Nickname: Nikky

Owner (Alias): Mishka1965

Location (State and Country): California, USA

Short Bio:  Nikky was born in China, and shortly after, immigrated to the US to attend school at UC Berkeley. As a child she always wanted to experience life to fullest - especially western culture. Her new life abroad studies would entail studying in film and theater, but she often fantasized about dancing in front of men in adult bars, and making more money. She spent her four years studying, and eventually found a silicon valley job, where she currently works. She has a shy temperament, but lights up the night when she dresses up to go out. She loves posing, and these few pictures are a result of that photo session.

Nikky & Mishka




Nicole - Poster

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Nicole Vital Statistics

Bust: 82cm

Waist: 56cm

Hips: 86cm

Height: 150cm

Weight: 32kg

Bra Size: 28D

Shoe Size: 5 ½ US

Dress Size: XXS - XS

Model Date: 2021



Custom Features

Body Type: Jiusheng-Doll 150D

Head Type: Model 4

Feet Bolts: Yes

Skin Tone: Custom Painted on Natural Skin color

Eye Color: Brown

Eye Shadow: Purple/Pink

Eye Liner: Yes

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: Bob Style

Nail Color: French Manicure

Lip Color: Blush Glossy Pink

Pubic Hair Color: N/A

Pubic Hairstyle: N/A







Previous Appearances:

Her other photos from a previous photo set

Video: Not Yet!

Doll girlfriends: Lily and I share the house together, and are best friends.

Ambition: To live a full and rewarding life and be financially secure!

My Best Quality: Being sexy

Words to Live by: Living life to the fullest and enjoying every second.

I Love: Being at home and enjoying a great movie.

I Hate: Greed

Perfect Evening: Romantic candlelight evening under the stars. smiley

Untold Fantasy: Road tripping - like we just did across the USA.

I Feel Sexy When: Loved and kissed. 

My Idea of fun: Spending an afternoon with my handsome photographer outdoors, and being naked!

Aphrodisiacs: Sushi

My Lingerie Drawer: Just about anything for the occasion.

You can never have enough: Money, but I like sex too. angel

Favorite Position: Well I like it all, and like variety. 

Favorite Sport: F1 racing, and sometimes Hockey.

Favorite Musical Groups, Songs:  The 60’s oldies are great, and I like more ‘recent’ 80’s bands. I love Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Green Day!

Favorite Artists, Paintings: I never saw much or have been interested in cultural paintings, but I would go if asked. I would like to visit the Louvre in Paris just to see!

Favorite Authors, books: I have not read many books since high school, but I learn online these days.

Favorite TV Show: Dr.Who is my long term fav!

Favorite Movies, Directors: Some of my favorite movies from the 50’s and 60’s. I like Rebel Without A Cause, actor James Dean.

Favorite Place/s: All the classic places to visit in the US with my girlfriend Lily – Beaches of Florida, a long drive along Highway 1 in the West coast - and visiting wineries!

Favorite Quote: “There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus ― smiley







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