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CoverDoll September 2016 Lisa


This Month's Contents

On the Cover...


Ready to Rock

This month’s Coverdoll features the beautiful Lisa. Purplehaze's famous tennis champion ... Smiling

Also In This Issue...


Monthly Featured Photographer

Jasmyn & SashaJasmyn & Sasha

August's Featured Photographer is Mishka, presenting us a Hooter's Waitress and a School Student. Smiling


Nescio50's Blog

This month's blog shows us a Californian girl on the watch in Nes's garden. Check out her swimsuit ... Eye-wink

Deerman's Blog

Courtney wants to come out of her grey outfit and Erica wants to help!" We all want to help! Eye-wink

Alottahope's Blog

The Alottahope ranch has been really action packed recently. The beautiful dolls have to all be satisfied ... check it out. Smiling

Lilica & Yurica's Blog

This month's blog is called "A moment of relaxation", Lilica & Yurica dressed in black swimsuits, outside it is hot, it's that heat! Eye-wink

Swan's Blog

This month Swan shows you his place, it's crowded with dolls, and it's G-rated ... Eye-wink

DeesMan’s Blog

This month's blog is called "My Squishie Pants", it's about Madelène-Sabrina, that's MaDee aka MaDeeSab, Squishie, Squishie Pants, MaDee Pants etc. Smiling

Chloé's Blog

Chloé received another report from her sister Neri who's living in the English countryside. Smiling

Mishka's Studio

This month we welcome Mishka twice. He's our featured photographer. And he starts a monthly blog on photography. This month is about filming girls and cars, what's a better combination. Eye-wink


DollyForMe's Review

"Hands of Stone"

This month’s review from Dollyforme is called "Hands of Stone." Ana de Armas has stolen DollyForMe's heart. First in War Dogs, and now in Hands of Stone. Eye-wink

Virtual Babes

This month we revisit a V.Babe that is Hot & Wet, she's our favourite summer holiday companion Smiling


As usual I try each month to do a poster of each of the CoverDolls and this month sees our beautiful Lisa in a poster titled “Love All." Smiling

Living Dolls

Anyone Home

from B-man & Kharn

Still searching for the Captain, Vulgar has led an away team to an underground cavern ...

A new episode of The Living Dolls.

CoverDoll Calendar

Each month through 2016 we’ll be revisiting the photographer of that month in the previous year with a new pin-up calendar!

Stellai’s blog

This month's blog is called "Gorgeous Jersey Giantess." We're so proud of our star reporter, she had an exclusive interview for you with Pris Eye-wink

Chef Toy-R-Cees

It’s little ole me…..Chef Toy-R-Cees! Bringing you more fun thru the kitchen. Actually, this month’s edible fun can easily be made in any kitchen, bar, tail-gate, or toolshed. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite late summer drink……the margarita! Smiling

Alektra's Castle

Alektra received a video from her good friend Deerman. A Twilight video. Don't worry, no deers, dolls or polar bears were harmed Eye-wink

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