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CoverDoll June 2016 Ruby


This Month's Contents

On the Cover...



This month’s Coverdoll features the beautiful Ruby. We've been told that she's a Tattoo Artist, Biker, Art Model ... Smiling

Also In This Issue...


Monthly Featured Photographer

Chloe, Katrina, and AriannaChloe, Katrina, and Arianna

June's Featured Photographer is b-man. It was a cool rainy spring Saturday afternoon in the Pacific Northwest ... Smiling


Nescio50's Blog

This month's blog shows Rebecca and Amy on a haunted garden bench ... Eye-wink

Deerman's Blog

This month's blog is called "The Ring", Erica has lost a very special ring. She panics Eye-wink

Alottahope's Blog

This month's blog features Latina Princess Julietta, and a cameo appearance of Stacy Leigh Smiling

Lilica & Yurica's Blog

This month's blog is called "Blue Lingerie", in cozy, warm, soft, blue lingerie they look great! Eye-wink

Star88's Blog

Kalei gets physical, there's no magic to keeping toned and trim, it takes willpower and hard work. Eye-wink

DeesMan’s Blog

This is the last episode from the day DeesMan took the beautiful Nikki for a ride in Mitsy Smiling

Chloé's Blog

Chloé and Harem are still having a break, but will be back next month Smiling

Doing the right thing

Zara has two relevant questions. Smiling


Mechwizard's Gallery



DollyForMe's Review

"A Bigger Splash"

This month’s review from Dollyforme is called "A Bigger Splash." It's like a tornado in a trailer park, it's impossible to ignore Eye-wink

Virtual Babes

This month we revisit a V.Babe that will take care ... next please Smiling

Art Folder

Coverdoll's art section contains drawings and 3-D renderings by various artists and are added as they become available.

This month sees another great digital artist called Mandos. Check his work out, you'll love every inch of them.


This month's poster is from our archives, it features Ruby's girlfriend in "My Hearts Desire" Smiling

Living Dolls

The Journey

from B-man & Foxy & Kharn

At an alien medical facility .... A new episode of The Klingon Tales.

CoverDoll Calendar

Each month through 2016 we’ll be revisiting the photographer of that month in the previous year with a new pin-up calendar!

Stellai’s blog

A couple of weeks ago Stellai came across a completely new phenomenon: Jogging. Eye-wink

Dolltime's Blog

Farewell Chaiama and Adora, a slideshow tribute Smiling

Alektra's Castle

From the garden of Alektra's Castle, CoverDoll reveals the secret life of glamour dolls Eye-wink

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