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CoverDoll April 2014 Stacey

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On the Cover...

The Naughty Deputy...

This month’s featured CoverDoll is the sexy and voluptuous Stacey. Well what can I say about this lady, but WOW! If you ever need a cop, then this is the cop you’d want turning up at your door. Check her out and see just what the Pleasure Police has to offer. Eye-wink

Also In This Issue...

Monthly Featured Photographer

A Little Bit of GraceA Little Bit of Grace

This month's photograher is Alottahope. His model is the lovely Grace, who has many different looks, from Glamour Model to Hard Rocker and Biker Babe. Check her out, I know you’ll like the eye candy. Smiling


On Holiday

MechWizard is taking a month off, but Zara was nice enough to leave us this nice pic… Eye-wink


Mechwizard's Gallery 

Star88's Blog

A journalist's job is a hard job but someone has to do it. It can also get really hot behind the camera when the heat is turned up on an important story. It looks like the news is hot news, or is that just our journalist? Smiling

Nescio50's Blog

Have you ever wanted to get up and personally close? Well this month Nescio does just that in an up-and-close shoot on all those really nice personal places. Eye-wink

Deerman's Blog

Just messing about on the river, or the pond? Well it looks like the girls are just chilling out on a hot spring day. Oh it’s so nice to just lay back and relax as you drift over the water without a care in the world. Smiling

CoverDoll Special: Koen

Poor Stellai, yet another ScoonimDoll has been created and sent along home, and now she's been left alone again. But until and unless the new owner shares some pics himself, we get this exclusive look at "Ardanwen". Eye-wink


Movie Review:
"Dallas Buyers Club"

This month’s review from DollyForMe is called "Dallas Buyers Club." In DollyForMe's words, this is an amazing movie – filled with nudity, sex, and great acting. Another hottie in her forties stars in this flick, the stunning Jennifer Garner. She is a must see. Eye-wink

Virtual Babes

Spring is here and all the bunnies are hopping around. Did you ask the Easter Bunny for something special? Well I hope everyone gets a big Easter Egg filled with a nice bunny surprise. Smiling

Renate 3-D ArtArt Folder

Coverdoll's art section contains drawings and 3-D renderings by various artists and are added as they become available.

We have another great digital picture from Renate again.


As usual I try each month to do a poster of each of the CoverDolls and this month sees our beauty in a poster called "Pleasure Police." Check her out. Eye-wink

Living Dolls issue 51


from B-man & Kharn

The away team's situation gets stranger, while Vulgar helps a stranger.

The Dolls of Dollfleet Calendar

These are the crewmembers of the Starship Boobieprize. Our twelve-month mission: to bring you these heavenly bodies in all their glory with a new pin-up calendar!

Dolltime's Blog

This month: Parfum de Sexe

Rocky's Blog

... will continue next month. In the meantime, remind yourself about the inspiration for this month's CoverDoll.

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