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On the Cover...

Santa's Little Helper...

This month’s featured CoverDoll is the lovely Mia. Now Christmas comes but once a year, so wouldn't you love to find the beautiful Mia under your Christmas tree? Well you can in a virtual way, as she’s here for you. Eye-wink

Also In This Issue...

Monthly Featured Photographer

Spotted in my BedSpotted in my Bed

This month's featured photographer is Sotaichou. His TPE Viola Doll with Aria head has a very freckled face; have fun checking if they extend to the rest of her body! Smiling


Nescio50's Blog

This month's shoot from Nescio’s is called "How to Seduce Santa." Well I think the title of this shoot speaks for itself. Can I be Santa? Eye-wink

Deerman's Blog

Baby it’s cold outside, but the girls sure know how to warm up a cold day. Come cuddle up to them and keep warm. Smiling

Alottahope's Blog

"Fast Girl & Fast Cars." Well don't we all see really beautiful girls with cars, especially at shows? Well here's our hot girl with her favourite cars. Eye-wink

Lilica & Yurica's Blog

This month finally see the two girls Lilica & Yurica back together. Well I think the title say it all, Under the Covers with You. Smiling

Dolltime's Blog

Dolltime's back this month with another article called "She's no Angel." Now, I’m sure the lady in question might not be an angel, but she sure looks like one. Please check out this great slideshow of Tash.

Leopard Lady

Zara is back, so let's see what she's doing… Eye-wink

(Also check out her latest blog: Shiny Things)



Mechwizard's Gallery 


DollyForMe Special:
"Me and My Dollies"

This month’s review from DollyForMe is a little different, it's called "Me and My Dollies." Well this isn't any movie review but something really special for the festive season. DollyForMe has a picture show with her friend and her dolly. So you definitely want to check this out. Eye-wink

Virtual Babes

This month's V.Babe is called “Holiday Surprise." Have you been naughty or nice? Well make a wish and see if Santa grants it. You never know, you might just get lucky and find this babe waiting for you on Christmas morning. Best viewed at full resolution. Smiling

Art Folder

Coverdoll's art section contains drawings and 3-D renderings by various artists and are added as they become available.

This month sees another great digital artist called Mandos. Check his work out, you'll love every inch of them.


As usual I try each month to do a poster of each of the CoverDolls and this month sees our beauty Mia in a poster called "Santa's Little Helper." Don't you wish she was you're little helper? Eye-wink

Christmas 2014
CoverDoll Comic

from B-man & Kharn

Merry Christmas from the dolls (& owners) at and!

The Dolls of Dollfleet Calendar

These are the crewmembers of the Starship Boobieprize. Our twelve-month mission: to bring you these heavenly bodies in all their glory with a new pin-up calendar!

CoverDoll Special: Koen

This month sees CoverDoll’s roving reporter has been busy getting ready for Christmas. Her best friend Rosaleintje is getting ready to deliver all the presents. However, as you might guess, things never go to plan. Eye-wink

From The CoverDoll Publisher's Desk…

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