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CoverDoll September 2014 Varvara

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On the Cover...

Intellectual Cougar...

This month’s featured CoverDoll is the sexy yet intellectual Varvara. This lady’s a little older than most of our CoverDolls, but I’m sure you’d agree that she’s really pleasing to the eyes. Eye-wink

Also In This Issue...

Monthly Featured Photographer

Chill PillowsChill Pillows

This month's featured photographer is b-man. Here he shares a lazy weekday with his two Ruby13 dolls of different body types: Chloe & Katrina. Smiling


Leopard Lady

Zara is back, so let's see what she's doing… Eye-wink

(Also check out her latest blog: Shiny Things)



Mechwizard's Gallery 

Lilica & Yurica's Blog

Have you ever been lucky and caught a beautiful woman in the shower? Well your look is in as Fred01 has the photos of just that for you. Smiling

Nescio50's Blog

Well it looks like it’s been birthday cake all round at Nescio’s place. I really do love the way they eat cake there. Eye-wink

Deerman's Blog

Well it looks like the fishing trip was delayed due to bad weather. However the girls took this time to practise their fly fishing skill in the bath. Well where else would you practise, lol. Smiling

Alottahope's Blog

Have you ever wanted to be in a Rock Band? Well I bet you wish you could get into Roxxanne’s band. Eye-wink

CoverDoll Special: Koen

This month sees our little reported returning with the final part of her in depth report on her resent visit to Paris. She covers all the places in this beautiful city that you might want to visit, plus she does some street entertaining of her own. This is one not to miss. Eye-wink


Movie Review:
"Sin City: A Dame To Die For"

his month’s review from Dollyforme is "Sin City, A Dame to Die For." If you liked the first movie, then you’re going to love this one. The female star Eva Green is just drop dead gorgeous. This film just boasts a cast of stars, including the beautiful Jessica Alba. Need I say more, a must see… Eye-wink

Virtual Babes

Do you ever get “Night Fever?” Well our little lady can put a voodoo spell on you and then you know what Night Fever is all about Eye-wink. Check her out but remember the image is best seen at full rez. Smiling

Renate 3-D ArtArt Folder

Coverdoll's art section contains drawings and 3-D renderings by various artists and are added as they become available.

This month sees another great digital artist called Mandos. Check his work out, you'll love every inch of them.


As usual I try each month to do a poster of each of the CoverDolls and this month sees or beauty Varvara in a poster called "Intellectual Property ." Check this cougar out and you’ll see that beauty and brains work well together. Eye-wink

Living Dolls issue 56
Call My Bluff

from B-man & Kharn

Labeeah is threatened by an evil Dollfleet crew, so they throw some Porn at them!

The Dolls of Dollfleet Calendar

These are the crewmembers of the Starship Boobieprize. Our twelve-month mission: to bring you these heavenly bodies in all their glory with a new pin-up calendar!

Dolltime's Blog

Our guru will be back next month with another of his great articles.

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