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Submitted by Zara on March 3, 2015 - 8:22am.

When she's good she's great, but when she's bad she's better. How many times have we heard that or a variation of it?

Let's think about something for a minute. Why is it good to be considered bad? The terms nice, pretty and sweet might very well apply to a girl you guys might take to meet your mother, but when you want to have fun the words hot, energetic and nasty are what you're looking for. I'm sure that Muzza and the Dolltime girls must have done a well considered disertation on the subject of bad girls - send me the link darling - but that's not what I'm about. I'm going to let you think about it. What is wickedness and what makes up a wicked woman? Is she the type to mark her man to tell other bitches to keep their hooks off? Or is she more concerned with the here and now, getting what she wants, just to throw him back afterward without a second thought?

Live a little on the wild side, you'll like it.



Do you, would you

Submitted by Zara on February 20, 2015 - 6:17am.

Did you miss me, was my absence even noticed, or has time
let me fade until even the memory of me has been erased?

Well I have something coming to help if you want to remember
me. It’s called Wickedness and it’s not here yet, but it is coming. It’s more
than photos, because I have some help and although I am not breaking rules, in
one of the portraits my lover is inside me. I will let you guess which one. The
statements I make and the questions that I ask will cause the memories to flood
back and may even cause new ones to form.

So do you think of me? Would you include me in your
fantasies, or perhaps I enter your dreams unbidden on a dark night? In your
mind’s eye do you hold me hard against you with my hair tangled in your fist
and my bruised lips crushed to yours as my nails rake your back?

I know you want me. You have to have me. Throw me on the bed
and pin my wrists to the mattress. Pound me until I scream. But remember I’m
not submissive. I’ll fight you and make you bleed.

So go on.

Fuck me like you hate me.

Zara Kiss

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Shiny things

Submitted by Zara on July 17, 2014 - 9:28am.

A one third carat diamond is larger than you would probably think, and a real one like the one I'm wearing in the photo just can't be compared to a crystal or piece of glass.  They are just different and seem to burn with their own fire rather than just reflecting light.  Very nice. Although I'm told that they are just a lump of compressed carbon.  Pure carbon though, no impurities.

Oh and the Wizard has finally sorted out a photo shoot for the next issue.  Good times.

Kisses Zara

On holiday from the mag

Submitted by Zara on February 13, 2014 - 10:21pm.

Sorry for the late notice but I'll be away for the month of February, returning with new stuff next month. 



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