The road less travelled

Submitted by Zara on October 17, 2010 - 8:43am.

Driving over the mountains made the return trip a lot slower, but certainly more interesting.  We popped out of the hills at Tamworth, the Australian version of Nashville.  The roads were full of "Good 'Ol Boys" with big hats and driving 4x4 trucks with shotgun racks, all living the stereotype.  When we weren't stuck behind them it was the grey nomads towing enormous caravans.  After a long second day the Wizard decided to spring for a motel room for the night.  We got to sprawl on a real bed instead of sharing the back of the van.  The van's good but not exactly on the roomy side of things.  Two can be comfortable in the back but they really have to like each other.  The cauch in the motel was nice too.

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Zara, how many kilometers

Zara, how many kilometers did you do in the van Smiling ?
All of that is unthinkable to me, i can just be admirative Eye-wink

Jihan & Elle

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Good trip

Sounds like the trip went really well. Oz is such a big place and I bet it is nice to relax again at home after such a long trip Smiling


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A long Way.

Elle, Our guess is about 4500 Km ( 2800 miles) for the round trip, allowing for some diversion from the main route to visit Julia.

Roughly Paris to Helsinki or just short of Istanbul or Moscow and back.


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4500 kms Incredible ! I

4500 kms Jawdropping! Incredible !
I feel microscopic here in France Puzzled

Jihan & Elle

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Well rested,...

G'day everyone,...


I hope the Wiz made her a nice cup O Tea because she looks exhausted!




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