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Submitted by Zara on February 19, 2011 - 10:23am.

What a difference location makes.  I suppose it highlights the distance, but going from Muzza's place in the tropical north to the temperate south may be 2000 km but you notice it more in the temperature difference.  When you experience the temperature shift you wouldn't think that you were in the same country.  Only here in Australia.  In Europe we would have crossed 4 or 5 borders and the time taken would have been much longer.

Well we have been home long enough to start planning the next trip.

Kisses, Zara

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Good News.

Well that is good news.

No need to bring the coat Smile , just the sunnies Cool



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Keeping warm

Looks like Zara is keeping warm with her stylish coat Smiling

I know what you mean about temperature changes, and that is a long drive from you to Muzza. Funny it works the other way for me, I had a villa in Spain and would leave the UK in my coat only to have to put on a T-shirt when I got to Spain Smiling


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Zara is always smart !

Zara is always smart !