How Different Types of Love Dolls Stack Up



How Different Types of Love Dolls Stack Up

(Updated November 2012)

As of the writing of this article (May 2009), I own four silicone dolls and 5 Teddy Babes.

Note as of November 2012,  prices for some dolls have dropped over
$1500 since the writing of this article and new brands have become
available.  Since the writing of this article I have also acquired an
Anatomical Doll, Private Island Beauty Elf Doll, 4Woods Japanese doll
and a couple Teddy Babe Deluxe - life size versions of the original
Teddy Babes. I also have acquired two Tokyo You Dolls which are 60 cm
(24") seamless silicone collectable non-love dolls that make excellent
photo subjects. These run in the price range of $1200.

My hopes are to have one of each brand so that I can expand this
article into a more comprehensive evaluation of different brands and

Outside of the fact that I wouldn't recommend my first Doll purchase even on pain of death, I am quite happy with all other brands I have tried.  I wish there had been customer satisfaction polls like there are now and that I had spent more time reading about other buyer experiences before I too hastily handed over the $3000 I paid for my first love doll.

RealDoll - Boytoy - Ruby

Dolls, like cars, have a diverse set of applications and therefore have a diverse set of owners.  One third of love doll owners who answer my poll were either married or in a relationship and the number one recognized photographer of love dolls is a middle aged woman.  Their taste might not match your taste and your needs will most undoubtedly differ in some respect from other owners.

Your personal, needs and tastes therefore are much more important than third party opinions in determining what brand and style of love doll will best meet your needs.  However, third party opinions are important for determing product quality, support, performance  and customer satisfaction.

2012 USA Doll Lovers meet with 32 dolls

To say any one doll is better than another could be an impossible task as in many ways it is subjective rather than objective - apples and oranges so to speak.   For as much as they are all love dolls, they are as different as vehicles are to one another.  I don't think I could pick a personal favorite from my own collection. 
However, if you were to ask me "if I could only have one doll and money were no object, my answer would probably be hard to believe.   Buying a $500 pair of boots doesn't mean your feet will be any happier than in $60 loafers. It depends what you are doing with them and how often you use them.

If you are exploring  the over $5000 price range, there are only three brands to choose from in my collection.  My BoyToy at $7500, my RealDoll at $6500 and my Ruby at $5000. I would recommend any one of them! The Ruby gives the BEST BANG (and I mean that literally) for your buck in my opinion, at nearly $2500 less than the BoyToy, but her floppy nature which is what gives her the advantage for sex, in actual fact limits her for other tasks such as posing the doll for both photography and/or some sexual positions.

I reviewed the BoyToy March 2009 and have photos posted as well. The BoyToy is capable of leaning over the back of a couch with her legs spread and on the floor. This is a common sexual position used by many couples and although it works with a BoyToy and also a RealDoll, it does NOT work with a Ruby who's legs are incapable of providing any stabilization. The BoyToy has a removable insert where the ReaDoll does not. However the new RealDoll 2 implements some of the new design features of the BoyToy such as the removable insert.  Whereas I have not yet had any hands on experience with the RD 2 I am not qualified to comment on its performance.

Also, because I had no first hand experience with 4Woods, Private Island Beauty, Mini Love Doll, Anatomical, Candygirl and many other dolls available, at the time of authiring this article, my rating system my not be scaled the same as someone commenting on his/her dolls.   I can say that even with my existing collection of 9 love dolls, I find myself still wanting a other dolls.  However, want and need are two different things. You only need one doll to service your needs although it will require a greater compromise of features than if you have multiple dolls.  Additional love dolls simply add variety with less compromise of features and perhaps more options.


How the Dolls Rate

BT, TB and Ruby Names link to Reviews


BoyToy - Best Fantasy Doll

BoyToy Summer Face

I especially like the ability to close the eyelids (Big eyes only). The BIG eyes are not for all, but a bonus for those who like them. They have a little taste of anime and look best with lids half closed.  Also available with normal always open eyes. The body features are exaggerated features and her measurements make her harder to buy clothes for. Most owners report great sex with the doll (I concur) and the removable inserts are seen as a bonus, although one owner reports using his without the inserts...some of us are perhaps more well endowed than others :) The weight of just over 60 pounds is good if you're not a 180 pound body builder. Good posing, good sex, easy cleaning, lots of faces. Good all round doll - but one of the priciest.


RealDoll - Best Artificial Female/Companion

Bianca RealDoll

I believe Realdolls earned their name.  Bianca, my RealDoll, is the one that generates the strongest female presence for me. Some of this could be owing to the fact that Bianca was used front and center in the feature Movie, Lars and the Real Girl,  starring Ryan Gosling.  Bianca claims top honors, not only as the most famous RealDoll in the world but also as the most famous love doll in the world ;)  When she arrived, much to my dismay, Bianca was not anatomically correct :)   However, that is another story which can be found in the archives of CoverDoll and The Doll Forum as well as in my documentary 'All Dolled Up' which is currently in national distribution.      Trailer #1       Trailer #2       Trailer#3

And she's beautiful in a human female sort of way. Not that artificial look that some brands have. From a distance and appropriately attired they can easily be mistaken for a real human females. During my trip to LA and back, in nearly all instances where I wheel chaired Bianca into the lobbies of hotels, most mistook her to be real woman. In one humorous instance in Aspen, Colorado, one woman who was observing my friend and I unload Bianca for a photo shoot, indicated she thought we were being very rude, turning our backs on our disabled friend while talking after helping her out of the car. Of course 'real' comes with a cost. RealDoll's can weigh as much as a RealGirl. Bianca, a Body 4 Face 4 - is one of the lightest Realdolls at 82 pounds - and only 14 pounds shy of one of my previous girlfriends. 82 pounds might not sound like much...until you have to move it around by yourself. Keep in mind that most live companions can move their own weight around. These heavier dolls are more like living with a quadriplegic. It takes much care in moving them and many have complained of damaging fingers and limbs.  For me...the rewards are well worth it. As a photographic model RealDolls are excellent. The sex is nothing I've heard people complain about either and it is one of the few dolls I'd trust to get me through the HOV lanes without fear of being stopped ! Mind you, turning your head to talk to your fake woman passenger when you see a police car approaching could help to subdue any suspicions :)  If you do get pulled over you might consider striking up and argument with your doll in hopes the officer will warn you off the commuter lane and send you on your way rather than face all the paperwork involved in arresting a nut case :)

In 2010 Abyss introduced a series called Wicked Realdolls which were laser scanned replicas of some of the Wicked Entertainment's porn stars. They are notably the most relistic and the most expensive in their lineup and the jessica drake serial #001 below which is part of my collection weighs a bit on the heavy side at 92 pounds....but she certainly gives laundry day new meaning :)

Jessica Drake Wicked RealDoll

(jessica drakeWicked Realdoll)


Ruby13 - Best Sex Doll

Ruby Brazil

She's light and maneuverable to do the girl on top positions ( so is a BT), however the floppy nature of her limbs allows you to change positions with easy and not have to stop and fight with arm and leg repositioning. She can kneeling on the floor leaning on the sofa, do missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. You can take her from behind on her side. She is dang flexible and hard to beat both in price and in function in this category. Add to that her interchangeable heads versus interchangeable faces on the above two. Much easier to work with. Especially nice for those liking oral is the head #5. Sure the mouth open tongue out isn't the prettiest to look at but you're not using your nose...unless perhaps, you're Pinocchio :) The point is you can have your fun, and change the head in 15 seconds or less for the afterglow. Also makes for easy cleaning. Other highlights, created by a talented artist who used to draw babes for a biker magazine. He created a beautiful, Gypsy like character with exaggerated features - think ReadlDoll B5 boobs and BoyToy hips and waist. There is also a selection of 4 bodies from voluptuous to petit and 12 heads priced at or near what the above two charge for their interchangeable faces.


1st PC - Best waste of my money even at $3200

1st PC Qualilty Control? What's that?Quality Control?Feet look like socks they are soo off colored

Other than the mismatches and bad seams made me feel like I had purchased Frankenstein's Daughter, I will not elaborate on my first silicone doll purchase other than my experience is documented at The Doll Chronicles complete with photos. In all fairness those that like them, like them a lot, BUT on a customer satisfaction survey the buyers were very polarized - indication poor quality control. Here's hoping they've pulled up their socks and addressed some of their weaknesses after seeing that poll in which 50% wanted their money back and the others couldn't be happier :(


Teddy Babe - Best Cuddle and All-Round Value

OK I know you may not be interested in buying the entire line of Teddy Babes for $6000, but I will put in this shameless plug, not because I own The Teddy Babe Store servicing Canada, but because many owners of some of the more expensive dolls started with a Teddy Babe or purchased one even after acquiring a high end doll.

Teddy Babe Deluxe and Standards

The cartoon face and fuzzy texture is not everyone's cup of tea, but the Teddy Babe is attested by most owners to be the cuddle queen of love dolls. At a low of $550 each when purchased in pairs - one on each side to keep you warm in bed - they are indeed one of the best buys available in a Love Doll. Unlike many others, you can leave a Teddy Babe appropriately dressed and out on display without drawing the negative attention other dolls in their price range would attract. In three days of touring AVN, I spent a lot of them carrying a Teddy Babe with me. Most thought they were cute, some had mixed feelings and a very few stared at them as if they'd eaten their pet cat. The Teddy Babe is virtually indestructible compared to other dolls and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates surveyed, next to the RealDoll which ranked highest by buyers. You can fit a Teddy Babe in an extra suitcase when you travel so you don't have to sleep alone and there are numerous aftermarket options for inserts if you don't like the plush one that comes with it which can be used dry (yes it can be done) or with a female condom.  The Siliplush Insert is a custom silicone coated plush insert made and sold by the Teddy Babe Store and is one of the best selling third party inserts.  Best snuggle available in my opinion, sex is OK, especially given the price.

The Dog appreciates their snuggle qualities

Even my dog appreciates their snuggle qualities ;)


Teddy Babe Deluxe Akiko

In 2010, a new 5'4" model called the Teddy Babe Deluxe was introduced. They are now 5'8" tall and retail at $1200 and can be had as low as $850.

And what a great stocking stuffer ;)  Beats the hell out of a candy cane :)

Teddy Babe Standard


Again, I want to remind you that I can only speak for the dolls I own,
and my ratings therefore are comparative based on each other.

Believe it or not, if I had to give up all my dolls but one, I'd probably keep one of my Teddy Babes. It is the Doll with which I spend most of my time (much owing to convenience) and therefore the one that has the most impact on my day to day pleasures.
BUT, I don't have to give up my dolls, and I love them all - well almost all - and I find myself constantly spending time with different dolls depending on my moods. After all, you can order just a peperoni pizza, or if you have the bucks you can order one with the works. Well, the works is much more interesting.

Cheers and good luck on your acquisitions,



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it's right that's very interesting. You own an Anatomical doll too who deserves to be commented as well.
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Jihan & Elle

Midi did own a Candy8teen but it did not last long enough to review. He gave it to a friend who was good at repairs and fixed it up for photography.

Midi will be adding his AD, PIB, 4Woods, Ruby and my platinum replica of Bianca (as a Realdoll 1).

He wiill also be updating existing reviews to give a long term report.

As to the low replies?  Most come here to read and do not bother setting up accounts. Therefore they are unable to post comments.




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