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Lilica, Yurica & Joanna

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April 2023


Name: Lilica, Yurica & Joanna

Doll's Nickname: Li; Yu & Jo or the “chouchoux”

Owner (Alias) (Alias): fred01

Location (State and Country): France

Short Bio:  Hello, my name is Lilica and I will introduce you to my friends. We are three realistic silicone dolls from 4Woods. We all three live in France at fred01. I am the oldest of the gang. I don't really like this name “dean” but hey, Yurica & Joanna bother me a bit with it… 

I arrived at Fred's in November 2011, he was alone and very sad… Yurica joined our couple in February 2013… I said OK for a second girlfriend and I was right because Yurica is gorgeous and super sexy. After negotiation with Fred, we accepted Joanna's arrival in July 2022. She is super nice, she did the 400 blows in another life and tells us a lot of things...she talks a lot   !

The three of us form a glamorous and sexy trio. We are very good friends, we adore each other and we have almost the same tastes…except snakes for Joanna  Yuck!

We love sexy lingerie, stiletto heels. We like to be feminine and sexy . Fred loves it and so do we! We all three have the same body, AI Doll S+, which allows us to lend each other clothes and lingerie.

For Fred, we are his companions, his muses, but also his confidants. He is very attentive to us, pampers us and takes care of us. I would tell you that we are very happy like that, we form a small family and our little life is punctuated by more or less original photo shoots, it depends...

Fred sometimes racks his brains to find ideas in our small apartment, sometimes we let's whisper ideas… We love posing for photos. There you go, we kiss you and we tell you at a next photo shoot 


fred01 N' Lilica, Yurica & Joanna heart



Lilica, Yurica & Joanna


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Lilica, Yurica & Joanna Vital Statistics

Bust: 77 cm

Waist: 56 cm

Hips: 85 cm

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Bra Size: 80A

Shoe Size: 38

Size: XXS or 32

Model Date: Body’s AI Doll S+ April 2022 for the bodys Lilica & Yurica March 2013 for the body Joanna (former body of Yurica)

Head’s: Lilica November 2011 Yurica February 2013 Joanna July 2022



Custom Features

Body Type: AI silicone doll S+, 4Woods Europe

Head Type: Lilica, Yurica & Joanna (4Woods Europe); Hitomi (4Woods Japan)

Upgrades: Moles for Lilica & Yurica; freckles on the upper body for Joanna.

Feet Bolts: No

Skin Tone: Sand brown for the three bodies.

Eye Color: Lilica & Yurica brown Joanna Gray

Eye Shadow: Gray for all three

Eye Liner: Yes

Eye Liner Color: Black for all three

Hair Color: Lilica dark brown auburn yurica Joanna light brown

Hairstyle: lilica long hair Yurica & Joanna shoulder length hair

Nail Color: Lilica, Yurica & Joanna personalized baby boomer manicure, long nails.

Lip Color: Natural for all three

Pubic Hair: Lilica & Joanna yes Beardless Yurica

Pubic Hairstyle: Lilica metro ticket Joanna little V







Previous Appearances: Front page of Coverdoll in October 2012 for Lilica. In January 2014 for Yurica and in January 2023 for Joanna. Lilica & Yurica made the front page together in November 2018. And every month, find their blog.

Website: https://www.mydollstory.fr/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005111417867

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilica_yurica_joanna_4woods/

Tweet: https://twitter.com/LilicaYuricaJoa

Our TDF topics : [url= https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42415&start=1170]Lilica[/url]

[url= https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45382&start=1140]Yurica

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Doll girlfriends: Marina (Flyer)

Ambition: To stay together as long as possible.

Best Quality: Beautiful, sexy, natural and realistic.

Words to Live by: Let's live happily! smiley

We Love: lingerie; heeled shoes; to look and feel sexy and feminine; snakes for Joanna lol...and of course Fred!

I Hate: Snakes for me and Yurica lol

Perfect Evening:Head to head all three with Fred by our side.

Untold Fantasy: Do I have to answer? lol

I Feel Sexy When: Fred looks at us and caresses us for long minutes. He's going to wear down our legs! lol

Our Ideas of fun: sexy lingerie, dim lights by the fire in a coconning atmosphere.

Aphrodisiacs: Chocolate for the three of us, we love it!!

Our Lingerie Drawer: All three of us have the same drawer. There are strings; garter belts; stockings; bodysuits… We love lingerie. devil

You can never have enough: Chocolates! lol

Favorite Position: Um... do I have to answer?

Favorite sport(s): Fred likes Formula 1 so we follow it with him, but we also like rugby...the men are strong lol

musical group(s), song(s): We listen to a bit of everything, we're not too picky about music lol

Favorite Artist(s), Painting(s): Adore Tim Burton. We also like Tom Cruise. We also love a Korean singer Taeyeon. I look like him lol

Favorite book(s): romance novels (we are girls lol) wink

Favorite TV Show(s): We watch a lot of RMC Découverte (French channel). There are a lot of nature shows like "Seul face à l'Alaska". 

Favorite movie(s): We all three love Top Gun Maverick, we've seen it more than ten times lol

Favorite Place: Our home!

Favorite Quote: "Girls!”



Lilica, Yurica & Joanna




Lilica, Yurica & Joanna Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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