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On the Cover...


. . Happy Dolling . .

This month’s CoverDoll features Ashley, come watch her perform ...  

In This Issue...

Nescio50's Blog

Springtime, King's Day, several mini-shoots are combined in this month's blog by Nescio ...  smiley

Lilica & Yurica's Blog

Lilica, Yurica & Joanna love their bathroom, it’s a room where they spend a lot of time ... smiley

Mishka's Studio

Mishka films outdoors and this time he uses more props to make the set special. ... smiley

Baphometric's Blog

Please welcome Baphometric to join CoverDoll as a blogger, enter his magical circle, clap your hands together ... smiley

Tasha’s Lifestyle Talk

A deeper dive into the Sigma Mystique, Tasha constantly strives to better herself and achieve her personal goals ... smiley



Special Featured Photographer


This month we have a special featured photographer, it is Sofiya Lorishvili, Ukrainian Paris-based, often her photography is provocative, but this time she visited the dolls at Nescio's ...  smiley

Virtual Babes

Each month we dive into Kharn's V.Babe Archives and select a V.Babe from the past. From February 2015, "Naughty Thoughts" Smiling

Living Dolls

. . New Friends . .

from B-man & Kharn

"Unable to destroy boobie prize" ...


This month's poster features the amazing Dusty from 'Alottahope' and is simply titled "Gimme all your Lovin" ... Poster

CoverDoll Calendar

Each month through 2024 we’ll be revisiting the photographer of that month in the previous year with a new pin-up calendar!

KKFun's Doll Art

Each month KKFun is sharing his doll art with us. This month doll art is named "Dancing Queen" ... smiley

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