Mishka's Studio -Indoor sets for Amor 6YE B-cup

As luck would have it, the rains have been severe here in the west coast, and I have been struggling to get a few sets of the outdoors. Well I decided to go back and review some boudoir pics I made for the 6YE lady from last year. So she's a smaller cup size and quite beautiful, and using one of their heads (#20), I managed to get a few cool pics of her. So this form of photography known as boudoir style, is something I do a lot of. In fact many here like and emulate the style.

March FFB Fashion Haul Part II

YO BBZ! Fashion Haul Part II is here!


So last month we showed you the fashion haul from Christmas and part of my birthday.  Part II has the rest of my birthday haul and Valentine's Day.   So SInce my birthday is January 20 I am officially the start of Aquairus, nautrally I got the kewlest Aquarius set from Dolls Kill Horoscopez

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