Mishka's Studio -Hot August and it's time for FACEAPP

This month I am focusing on making a few pics using an app called faceapp, which one can get for your mobile device, or as I do , run it through an android emulator on PC.

This program allows for creative effects like adding smiling, frowning, hair color, and face makeup. It does this thather well, as I can get similar effects the hard way in photoshop, but smiling faces are something it does very well. In fact so well, that it's hard to tell it's not real.

Foxx Fashion Blog August 2019: Hair Basics Part 2

Yo Bbz! Tashie here with Hair basics Part 2.  This month Ginabean is our model. GB has gorgeous hair so I asked her to help out.  But first, we have to get down to the real basics. Last month, we reviewed some styles, and before we get to “how to,”  we have to review the tools you will need. 


If you have NOTHING else, you need a brush and a comb. This is a great, versatile set and inexpensive so don’t let your organic try to cheap out on you.