Mishka's Blog For September 2023


It's another hot summer's day, and like the previous month, we decided to go outside for this photoset. This month I'm featuring Naimei, a doll from TaYu. I decided to have her wear a bikini top with short jeans, as the temperatures were getting up there, and I also used some astro-turf which became part of the set. In this case, the grass makes a nice addition to the set, and Naimei was lying on it in mo time!

I shot this set just before noon, so the sun angle was a bit of a problem, but I have been using large reflectors to shade the set from harsh sun rays and reduce the high contrast on her skin. In a few pics I have a bit of sun on her, but that's more diffused light from the trees above her, and gives a bit of dimension to her skin.

The set was filmed using a sony R4 and a 85mm lens for most pics. In a few, I used a 35mm lens.

Enjoy the pics!

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