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Mishka's Studio -Outdoor Photography part 1

Last several weeks saw decent weather so I decided to try outdoor photography again but this time I used the strobe flash unit. The flash like the godox hgh speed sync is a great tool to use outdoors when the sun is shining bright and exposures are impossible to achieve without blown out highs. So what these units do is give a strobe effect to give you a impossibly high flash sync speed.

Mishka's Studio -The Great Photo Studio part II

Last month I discussed some of the improvements to the studio, and I would like to carry on that discussion as to what I added since.

I purchased a High Speed Sync Outdoor Flash Strobe Light like the Godox in the picture below. This is something that will help low light and even high light situations like outdoor bright sun light scenes.

Now this is something I use for low light too, as it acts as a large and powerful flash unit that has the power to overpower the sun and you get those real nice blue sky and doll exposed correctly pics.