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Mishka's Studio -Photographing for Green Screen

This month, I did some experimenting with using green screen backgrounds. For this, I used a simple 2 light setup, and a green cloth backdrop. This is something you can buy anywhere like at Amazon. A simple 3Mx3M cloth is quite good and will cover the background and some floor. I hung the cloth over a rod over head and used little plastic clamps to hold in place. Next I adjusted the light to light evenly and reduce the wrinkles.

Mishka's Studio -Photographing new dolls from Doll4Ever

Last month I was busy with getting as many sets for Doll4Ever out as I could. Since I have completed the work I am free again to do photos of the other ladies I have around.

I am however, getting a 146cm doll with 3 extra heads and just received two heads from Jeff and SM doll, which look so lovely!

Much of the newer sets needed custom props and I managed to get some nice pictures outdoors too since the weather was great. I really enjoy the outdoors and getting dolls outside