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Mishka's Studio - A Summary of 2017 and vision for 2018

Last year was a great year for me. I managed to make a few great additions to my collection of synthetic ladies - such as a few RD2's early in the year, and a few DH168 and PiperDolls from promos gigs. I have not even managed one photo of some of them, as I had other obligations to a vendor to complete a few sets and now I'm free to photo again. So it was very productive in the sense I managed to get many pictures, but I really miss getting photos of some of my older ladies, who seem to forever stand and wait for me for that magic moment, where they come to life in my studio.

Mishka's Studio - A behind the scenes making of a photoshoot

So this month, I am going to go over a day of photographing my dolls. You all have probably scene so many great pics out there, and wonder how it's possible these guys get those great shots. I have wondered too, and spent a long time studying how to use a camera well, and youtuve vids on studio setups and posing of your models. See how those dolls in many promos look so lifelike? How do you get that look? -- My take is study the artist and see what he sees and emulate his pics to see if you can get similar shots. 

So what goes into planning and execution of my photo shoots?