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Mishka's Studio -Photos in Dim Light

Today I am showing some pics from a recent photo set that are based on low lighting and more low light ambient and wam lighting effects

In one bedroom in the house, the lighting is diffuse and warm when using incandescent lights, so I decided to get some pics of a new doll I was sent for some pics.

Mishka's Studio -Photographing in Natural Light part II

Last month, I mentioned the desire to always use natural light when possible, and reduce the dependence on artificial lighting. This month, I plan to continue working both indoors and outdoors, and to use a naturally well lit room that has produced nice images in the past. Again, I used my Nikon D750 and the Samsung S8 - as I like to compare the two, and the S8 is very easy to get candid shots quickly. The lens I use is the the Tamron 15-30 and a 28-75 as well. Both are great and offer versatile shots.