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Mishka's Blog For February 2024

For this month, it may be cold outside, so I am going to warm up with photos of the Tayu QingZhi doll. She is 148cm silicone doll from Tayu and is my best photo model because of her super light weight and very flexible and skeletal joints with perfect tightness. In this set, I used a more seasonal theme with oranges, blacks and lots of gothic themes. Her hair and outfit was from Temu, and fit the bill for the look I was going for. I lit the scene with a few LED lights that were set to a RGB yellow/orange color to give her skin a warmer tone.

Mishka's Blog For January 2024

Happy New Year to you all!

For January, being it's a bit cold, I decided to feature a HOT lady, an Irontech RealLady in fact, that was delivered last year. It's no secret that she was designed from the ground up, skin and anatomy was obtained using a high resolution 3D scan.

Her details are very apparent in bright daylight, but for this blog, I decided to use more subtle and natural lighting to set the mood. One thing that is quite apparent, is her very nice shaped body, with a bit of curves on her, make her look very realistic.

Mishka's Blog For December 2023

As we finally hit December, the holiday tradtion of putting up a tree continues, and getting a few good Xmas pictures of the girls seems almost obligatory!

So to finish off the year, I will feature Katniss, my TAYU 148 girl.

For this set, I used the Xmas tree as a backdrop and used 4 constant LED lights angled in a rather complex arrangement, and a strobe set to a very low power, just to keep the shadows to a minimum. Katniss was dressed in her Xmas attire, and was posed a few feet in front of the tree, so that I could get a good depth of field.

Mishka's Blog For November 2023

As we approach the winter months, it's time to head indoors, and put up a decorative tree, and celebrate the holidays. Well I am staying outdoors for a bit longer, and celebrating my RealLady from IronTech, whom I am featuring this month.

I filmed her arrival a month or more ago, and was quite delighted to see a very realistic doll, with normal human proportions, and with very high detailed skin, so much so that I was left rather amazed.