Shadow Work, Dreams and Introspection. Tasha's Life Style Talk February 2024


In this interview, I recount my dream and shadow work journey with a sense of introspection, vulnerability, and gratitude, offering insights into my innermost thoughts and emotions.  My best friend, soul sister, and shadowork companion, Alex.

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Alex: "So, Tasha, diving into the realm of dreams and shadow work sounds like quite the adventure. Could you give us a glimpse into your journey?" 

Tasha: "Absolutely, Alex. So picture this: in the depths of my dreams, I'm wandering through a moon-kissed forest, surrounded by towering trees and a mist so soft that it feels like a silk shawl draped over my shoulders. In the heart of this mystical clearing, I find myself amidst flickering candles and ancient relics, embarking on a quest of self-discovery that's straight out of a fairytale wonderland." 

Alex: "Wow, that's so vivid! Was it scary? How were you feeling during this fantastical journey?" 

Tasha: “Omg, Alex, it was a rollercoaster of emotions! Confronting my shadow self was like facing a tornado of fears, insecurities, and desires I'd kept locked away for who knows, how long. But amidst the chaos, there was this undeniable sense of empowerment, like I was reclaiming parts of myself I'd long neglected. It was like diving into the depths of my own darkness but emerging bathed in the warm glow of self-awareness." 

Alex: "That sounds so beautiful. And what about the sensuality and the witches in your dream? How did they play into your journey?"

Tasha: “Oooh, the sensuality was intoxicating, Alex. It was as if the forest itself was pulsating with primal energy, urging me to embrace every aspect of my femininity: the passion, the longing, and the sheer power of being a woman. It wasn’t just about facing my fears, but embracing the full spectrum of who I am. And as for the witches... Well, they were like enigmatic guides, challenging me, leading me deeper into the shadows, and daring me to uncover truths I'd buried beneath layers of societal norms and expectations." 

Alex: “That sounds like quite a ride! How do you feel now, reflecting back on it now?" 

Tasha: “Grateful, Alex, I’m just so grateful. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it is necessary and ongoing one. Confronting those shadows, embracing both the light and the dark within me has made me feel more whole, more authentically myself. And while the journey continues, I'm excited for whatever twists and turns lie ahead in my forest of shadows.”

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