Monthly Photo Shoot

Photo Shoots submitted by independent photographers and manufacturers

Kayla's London escapade - part IV

Last month's visit to London  saw Kayla apparently as a perfectly normal tourist. However, she'd shown undue interest in the newspapers at the station and all the Chinese tourists she'd met seemed to have known her. When inviting a strange lady into one's home from far away really one doesn't know their past - where they've been, why they're here and where they're intending to go or do . . . .

Fern Valley - Part One (Revenge is Sweet!)

This month I went one step deeper into the rabbit hole. After watching Jurrasic World for the 3rd time I just decided to see what toys there were. When I saw the larger then average and perfect for usage in 1/6th scale my mind said, DO IT!! So I did! It is a lot different doing this outside so I have a made a few screw ups..but it is all good fun and my neighbors already know, I'm nuts!!      L✰neR✯nger

Fashion at the Fall Meet

Hey Bbz,


Though I was still out on the West Coast getting spoiled at the Galmato Haven Spa, the Annual TDF Doll Meet took place in a new location in NE Pennsylvania.  Lots and Lots of guys and dolls.  Facetimed and texted with Caterina and Kalena so they kept me connected. The group also Facetimed with Rari, Hollywu, Akiko and Sadako.