June CoverDoll 2015


Ashley Denary

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June 2015

Name: Ashley Denary

Nickname: Ash, hon(ey), sweetie

Owner (Alias): AlexKnight

Location: Limburg, Netherlands

Short Bio: I was born in San Marcos, but was quickly getting bored there, I couldn't find the right guy and even worse, couldn't find a job.

One day I was talking to Matt McMullen, and he said he knew someone who I'd surely adore. A guy called Alex, in the Netherlands.

He warned me though, there was another girl living with him, but I was okay with that.

So here I am... living in the Netherlands with Alex and Kayla, working as their secretary, but also getting some loving.

Rumor has it that her older sister Jenna will be moving in soon :-)

Vital Statistics

Bust: 33" (83cm)

Waist: 25" (63cm)

Hips: 34" (86cm)

Height: 4'9" (150cm)

Weight: 70lbs

Bra Size: Euro 70B

Shoe Size: Euro 35/36

Dress Size: Euro 35/36

Model Date: October 2014

Custom Features

Body Type: Kaylani Lei

Head Type Kaylani Lei

Skin Tone: Tanned

Eye Color: Blue-grey (Guy eyes)

Eye Shadow: Custom Smokey

Eye Liner: Custom

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Red-brown

Hairstyle: Long wavy

Nail Color: Pink Tip French manicure

Lip Color: Dark red

Pubic Hair Color: N/A

Pubic Hairstyle: N/A


Previous Appearances: AlexKnight's Doll Album.

Video: A few on TDF.

Doll girlfriends: Kayla (BFF).

Ambition: Successful business woman.

My Best Quality: My soft skin.

Words to Live by: "Never give up hope."

I Love: To look pretty.

I Hate: My Wedge sandals, yuck!

Perfect Evening: Kicking my heels off, relaxing on the couch with a nice movie.

Untold Fantasy: It's untold for a reason...

I Feel Sexy When: I'm wearing high heels.

My Idea of Fun: playing with Alex and Kayla.

Aphrodisiacs: Strawberries.

You can never have enough: Shoes!

My Lingerie Drawer: Is pretty full.

Favourite Sport: Don't like sports.

Favourite Position: On top.

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Taylor Swift, Style, Shake it off, Blank Space.

Favourite Artist, painting: Matt McMullen, I owe him my life.

Favourite Movies, Directors: Oblivion, Pacific Rim, Battleship, etc.

Favourite TV Show: I don't watch any shows.

Favourite Author / Books: 50 Shades trilogy.

Favourite Quote: "Fashion changes, but style endures."

Favourite Places: Where I'm living right now.


Ashley Denary

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She's very convincing! As manager is she boss . . . or assistant? Whichever, she appears firmly in control. 

Best wishes


Thanks Harem!

Depends on the circumstances I guess, she can definitely be both the boss and the assistant at the same time.

Hi AlexKnight,
Sometimes I asked me why you didn't post any photos from your beautiful ladies but today I'm enjoyed that you show some very nice photos from Ashley Denary as CoverDoll girl.

Even when working hard behind the TDF curtain it's a worthful dedication to spend some time for your ladies as they're stunning. I really love the last photo from this set, it's so realistic!!!


She looks like the kind of girl every guy wants to see in the office. :O

Beautiful photos Alex.. and so much attention to detail. The one with her elbow in the desk and hand on her face is especially realistic.

Yes Alex. A great set up here. The executive look turns into the "she gets what she wants" especially taking off the blouse behind the closed door. Mmmmmm. I'd love her to be my boss. I'm with orbital. I love the hand on the face sot to. Well done!

Yes, Ashley looks to be the type who's got it covered... and UNcovered whenever called for! ;)

It's not all that often that we get to see a new set of photos from Alex, so it sure is nice when we do. Pretty sharp.

Thanks everyone, glad you like the pics.

I've had to think for a while to come up with a theme for the shoot.

Looked at Pinterest for some inspiration, and came upon the secretary look. So I went out shopping for some glasses. A secretary needs glasses, and she has her own Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, but not a real one, a dummy phone.

Getting her fingers and pose just right is what I love doing, and I repeatedly look on the camera's screen to see if the eyes are pointing in the right direction.

Wow, Ashley is a real Coverdoll secretary, stunningly beautiful and so sexy. I´d love to have her in my office but she´d keep me from working and make me stare at her all day.


Thanks Chris, Deesman and Stellai.

I guess Ashley doesn't even need a resume, she'd find a job in no-time with just her pics Tongue out

Stellai, yeah, we're rather close. Ashley doesn't really need more work, once the work is done, she has other ways to pass the time, as she demonstrated Wink

Hi Ashley and Alex,

I love your photoshoot. I know that posing shoots also make lovely photos, but working and action scenes tell me so much more than just posing. I guess is it my reporter drive ;)

Hey, I noticed that you live in Limburg. That makes us almost neighbours. We should hang out some time! :) 

And Ashley,  if you ever need some extra work, call me! Smile

Cheers, Stellai

You have captured these moments of Ashley at work beautifully. And when she stopped to take a break was even better.

Okay, it's clear Ashley is the CEO at the Knight Mansion :)

But hey, let's elaborate the rumour she started: "her older sister Jenna will be moving in soon" :O

I don't like rumours, I like facts ... hey Alex, Ashley, what are the facts :?



I've haven't got the faintest idea how she got the idea Jenna might return... maybe as a reincarnation sometime, but if she does, she likely wouldn't be called Jenna...

I guess dolls have a way of communicating that goes beyond our understanding Laughing

The name fits her well!Smile The poses with glasses, hands , very natural,true beauty!

Thanks Deerman, I love getting her pose just right.
Kaylani Lei's real name is Ashley Spalding, which is where I got the name Cool

Ashley's eyes... they're piercing.Tongue out With just a glance, I'm sure she could get whatever she wanted. I suspect she won't be assistant for long.

Sorry I'm late with my post, but to be fair, I did let Alex know what a great job he'd done when I first saw the photos.

Ash looks stunning and I'd have her as my office manager any day :).


CoverDoll Publisher To err is human to forgive divine.

Super.  :)

Am reading 50 shades at the moment. "Over and Out" - I hate that. It is either "Over" or "Out". Christian Grey (or his author) should know his comm proceedure & not pay attention to Holywood.