October 2008 "Bianca"



October 2008 
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Name: Bianca 

Nickname: N/A

Owner (Alias): Midiman

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Short Bio:  Bianca is one of 4 RealDolls used in the making of the movie Lars and the Real Girl.  Actor Ryan Gosling and director Craig Gillespie each kept a doll as mementos of their involvement in the production. It is currently unknown where the 4th doll is located. Bianca is now featuring in a Docudrama called The Doll Chronicles 



Vital Statistics

Bust: 34"

Waist: 24"

Hips: 34"

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 80lbs

Bra Size: 34B

Shoe Size: 6 US

Dress Size: Med

Model Date: Custom 2003



Custom Features 

Body Type: 4

Head Type: 4

Skin Tone: Medium

Eye Color: Hazel

Eye Shadow: Natural

Eye Liner: Medium

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Blonde & Brunette

Hairstyle: Varies

Nail Color: Red

Lip Color: Red

Pubic Hair Color: Shaved

Pubic Hairstyle: Natural





Previous Appearances: NA

Video: Coming Soon.

Doll girlfriends:
Dottie, Selene, Ceilidh, Ruby, Samantha, Janelle, Nita, Myuki, Jessica, Hunny, Sasha, Tanya, Tabitha, Nicki ...and on...and on...

Ambition: To be a movie star..WAIT...
What am I saying? I AM a movie star :)

My Best Quality: My good nature!!!!

Words to Live by: "Take time to stop and smell the flowers."

I Love: Midiman!

I Hate: Goons.

Perfect Evening: Cold night by the fire

Untold Fantasy: To Skydive.

I Feel Sexy When: I wear satin!

My Idea of Fun: Fast car on a windy road.

Aphrodisiacs: Champagne and a hot tub !!!

My Lingerie Drawer: You figure it out :)

You can never have enough: Money.

Favourite Sport: Golf.

Favourite Position: Bow Wow.

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Billy Joel, New York State of Mind

Favourite Artist: Kharn

Favourite Movies, Directors: Indiana Jones

Favourite Author: Keith Allen Cross

Favourite Quote:  It can only happen to Midiman

Favourite Places: Hawaii.




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Hi Bianca,

Well I'll start this off my dear by saying that I'm so pleased to have you here on CoverDoll, I've never meet a Movie Star before ;) , well I tell a lie I have actually meet a fair few and a few Rock Stars as well.

However you are by far the nicest and most beautiful :)


CoverDoll Publisher

Hey babe that's what they all say ;) , you just wait until the big bucks start rolling in :D

Now where's Selene's phone number }:)


CoverDoll Publisher

G'day everyone,...

Why am I not surprised to see Bianca here,..
Such a beauty and I bet she didn't have to audition either.
Even survived a trip across country with Midiman behind the wheel!
(Just kidding ya Midi,..)
Waiting to see your next adventure,...


Playing with Dolls is a Joy!

WARNING: The Dolls are starting to play Back!