May 2007 "Vanessa"



May 2007

Dolls Name:Vanessa

Doll's Nickname: None

Doll's Owner (Alias): Vanessa

Lives (State and Country): Germany


Vital Statistics

Bust: 38

Waist: 25

Hips: 41

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 90lbs

Bra Size: 38DD

Shoe Size: 8 US

Dress Size:  Med US

Model Date: 2005



Custom Features

Body Type: 3

Head Type: 11

Skin Tone: Medium

Eye Color: Brown

Eye Shadow: Natural

Eye Liner: Medium

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: 3

Nail Color: Red

Lip Color: Red

Pubic Hair Color: Black

Pubic Hairstyle: Natural



Previous Appearances: The doll album.

Video: None.

Doll girlfriends:  Jazzi, Mysti, Britti, Lexi, Wendi.

Ambition:  To Make ALL Men Happy!

My Best Quality: My boobs!!!

Words to Live by:  It's Better to have lipstick than not!!!

I Love: Spring!

I Hate:  No lubricant!

Perfect Evening: Hours of hot sex!!!!!

Untold Fantasy: To be a real woman!

I Feel Sexy When: I get a new outfit.

My Idea of Fun: Doing a photo shoot.

Aphrodisiacs:Perfumed Body Powder.

My Lingerie Drawer:  Full to the brim!

You can never have enough: Fun!

Favourite Sport: Golf.

Favourite Position: Missionary.

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

Favourite Artists, Paintings: .

Favourite Movies, Directors:Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma).

Favourite Authors, Books:  Star Trek Novels.

Favourite Quote: That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

Favourite Places: Home with my man.




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