Teddy Babe Review by Midiman

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The Teddy Babe Review

by Midiman

Have you outgrown your Teddy Bear?

Nita (Lisa) Teddy Babe

Then you're ready for one of these!


What do you get when cuddly teddy bear meets sexy love doll?

A Teddy Babe!

My first impression of a Teddy Babe put it as the missing link of dolldom. It is a doll that bridges the gap between sexdolls and the novelty/mainstream market. Advertised as "Plush Girlfriends For Boys Too BIG for Teddy Bears", they really live up to their claim. Teddy Babes are cute and cuddly. They warm your heart. They have a presence or personality about them that makes you smile. Perhaps they draw on those childhood memories of your favorite comfort toy. Mind you had I had a Teddy Babe when I was 14, I probably wouldn't have been out walking the town block getting into trouble on Friday nights. Eighth Wonder, a USA manufacturer is the creator of this great and popular product.


Nita (Lisa) and Samantha (Cindy) two of Midiman's first 3 Teddy Babes

Stag Party at Hooters

Jessica (Midiman's 5th Teddy Babe) at Hooters

Teddy Babes can decorate your dorm room, office study or rec room but are also designed to go the `distance' and fulfill your physical and sexual desires. Unlike blowup dolls, however, Teddy Babes are pleasing to the eye and they don't look like sex toys. That makes them great for a multitude of uses and applications beyond their obvious. Teddy Babes are popular at stag parties, keeping your dog company while you are at work, and as a travel companion that fits in a large suit case. These multipurpose posable dolls can be different things to different people and Teddy Babe customer emails bear testimonial to the wide range of usage these dolls see.

Teddy BABE Magnet

Midiman & Jessica met with unexpected 'favorable' reactions at AVN.

As a matter of fact, I took two Teddy Babes to Las Vegas (might not work in southern redneck communities) and walked the AVN show as well as took them around town - including a trip to Denney's with lots of thumbs up. Mind you, whereas I had a cameraman in tow, they may have mistook me for Ryan Gosling shooting a sequel to the Lars and the Real Girl movie....perhaps Lars and the Teddy Girl.

Teddy Babe Magnet 2

Either way, I win ... I think...

Waiting Room

Samantha meets 1st PC


Based on owner surveys, this doll is first and foremost a cuddle toy. It is a common trait of most mammals including humans to feel more secure and sleep better when next to another. Teddy Babes are also used as fantasy play toys, photographic subjects, travel companions and bedtime snuggle and sleeping partners. They are also safe healthy sexual surrogates - in some cases helping couples to balance libidos without seeking sex or risking emotional entanglement outside the relationship.

Buy two and throw your quilt away :). I woke up one cold winter night with covers off and a Teddy Babe wrapped around each side of me and despite my water glass being frosted, I found myself comfortable, cozy and warm. Yeah, "Go GREEN with Teddy Babes" should be another byline for Eighth Wonder. These dolls feel soooo much better than a pillow to snuggle up to at night and in a winter wilderness camp out they can keep you warm :)

Much of the Teddy Babe's cuddly nature is owing to its construction. They are made of soft plush material, and come dressed in a teddy and stockings with gorgeous hair. There are thirteen models to date, however, the Diana, a Nubian beauty and one of the most regal, has been discontinued. Sonya, a Vampire is also in the lineup. Although all dolls share the same basic bodies, their faces and hair color are different. The dolls earn their names from the teddies they wear, however their teddy bear like construction also reinforces the name  

Teddy Babe Front Teddy Babe Back

Click Photos to Enlarge

Myuki_midiman_teddy babe

Samantha in Midiman's Sports Car

  Teddy Babes are one of the most durable and maintenance free dolls to hit the market. If you dropped one form a 20 story building I expect it would survive the impact in tact as they weigh under 9 pounds fully attired. And if you want to have a nice blond in your sports car to make your friends jealous, there are a few to choose from. From behind no one will know it's a doll!. So make sure it's a fast car!
If the police pull you over while traveling the High Occupancy Vehicle lane, start arguing with your doll before the officer reaches your car window. He might let you go just to avoid the extra paperwork in handling a 'nut case'.
Standing at just under 48" tall, the Teddy Babe is essentially a full size 5 foot female, but with shortened legs, tiny waist and bigger boobs. The Teddy Babe is a `fun' doll to own and many owners of full size silicone dolls also have Teddy Babes in their collections, providing the best of both worlds. Teddy Babes are like having your favorite sexy comic book female in 3D. That might be Betty or Veronica, for baby boomers or Lara Croft for the younger.  

Teddy Babe Meets Super Stuffed

Pretend you're superman and save the babe !

On the Road

I spent 7 weeks and nearly 9000 miles on the road with three Teddy Babes in the back seat of my car and a RealDoll I the front. Bianca, my RealDoll was the perfect choice for running the HOV lanes - commuter lanes that require at least two people in the car or get pulled over and ticketed. Bianca drew little attention in public - probably because she looked so real as I moved her around in her wheelchair. On the other hand, the Teddy Babes got lots of looks as I carried them in and out of hotels. I won't say they were always favorable looks but most people responded,,, umm..politely to my Teddy Babes..

Nita Pole Dancer

On one occasion I could swear the young hotel clerk had her jaw drop onto the front desk and her eyes pop out of her head like a Hanna-Barbara cartoon.

Teddy Babes with admirers

We're cool. We're from California !

  Most everywhere I went I encountered nothing but politeness. Often along my way people would ask to take photos as is the case with a couple I met in New Mexico. When we got to talking about the dolls, I mentioned their sexual parts and they reacted...'whatever turns you on'..

One word of advice if you plan on traveling with dolls. You don't want to leave them visible in your car overnight, as they probably won't be there in the morning unless you have secure parking.

Second word of advice is to not take all your dolls on the same trip if you have more than a couple. They can take up a lot of space.

So that about sums of the basic mainstream doll activities. And now that we've made it tothe bedroom that makes it appropriate to discuss the subject many of you have been waiting for.

  Midiman - too many dolls

How's the Sex?

The Teddy Babe in keeping with the plushie theme comes with a velvety plush insert, affectionately labeled Pussy Velour. The insert is soft and and occupies the vaginal cavity. It has a plastic outside liner to trap moisture. If you're going to use the doll for sex I recommend two things:

  1. For the low $5 price order a second Pussy Velour insert (one for play - one for display)
  2. Use a female condom (they can be easily cleaned and reused.)

When being used for display, I also recommend the insert be tucked into the cavity as shown in the diagram (2) for a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Teddy Babe Inserts
Some prefer to use the doll with a female condom with our without the Pussy Velour.

Other owners have tried different types of silicone inserts with different levels of success. The most popular insert available to date is the Siliplush Insert created by Doodman, a Teddy Babe owner and doll designer on the West Coast, USA. The Siliplush insert sells for $45 Canadian and can be ordered exclusively from the Teddy Babe Store, Canada. Orders are shipped from the USA or Canada depending on destination. The Siliplush, in keeping with the plushie theme, sports an inner platinum silicone lining and outer plush surface. Customer feedback has been extremely positive and it gives the best performance per dollar.


Teddy Babe Female Condom

Female Condom without P.V.

Tenga Lip Service
While in Las Vegas I was introduced to the Tenga product. As a masturbation tool the Tenga 8.0 is about as good as they come. They were handing them out at AVN and I knew why as soon as I got around to trying it.WOW..I checked the site out and discovered a Tenga 6.0 which was 25% smaller - so I had them send some samples..
This is another match made in heaven. It fits perfectly, stays in place and although I preferred the 8.0 for feel, the 6.0 has got to be the best feeling Teddy Babe insert you are likely to get. It actually feels better than any of my silicone dolls. The Tenga products are also hygienically sealed until used. The Tenga product is designed as disposable which makes it the most expensive insert per use, however, they are plastisizer free which seems to be a strong selling point these days (research shows reduced risk of testicular cancer by avoiding plasticizers). The Tenga inserts sell for under $15 and prices are reduced for larger quantities. You have a chance to try one out for free by entering the Teddy Babe photo contest here at CoverDoll. Shipped to your door that's at least $20 value - not bad for one photo of your doll.
I have found all the above inserts to be more than satisfactory and my personal recommendation, if budget permits, would be a couple of Tenga 6.0 Lip Service for `special occasions', a Siliplush and an extra Pussy Velour with a few female condoms. The whole lot can be had for less than the cost of some of the other third party pocket pals and inserts. Female condoms are recommended for all sex toys.   Bedroom Moments-Midiman
Teddy Babe Sex Positions   The Teddy Babe has no oral or anal openings, but is light and maneuverable One owner graced us with eight photos showing missionary positions and the tremendous flexibility of the doll

The doll also works vaginal from behind bent over a pillow or chair. Cowgirl and reverse Cowgirl also work. You can sit in a chair and have your own 'special' lap dance and not tire yourself out. She won't even complain if you're watching your favorite porn star while having the lap dance :)

Midi at Casino - Las Vegas

These babes will stick by you even if you lose all your money at the casino.

Our Teddy Babes customer satisfaction poll, enjoyed one of the highest ratings, with owners showing above average satisfaction. Also the close spread in the ratings indicated consistency in quality control. One oddity is that the Teddy Babe Forum at The Doll Forum seems to be the best behaved of all the forums. Whether this is reflective of the Teddy Babes or the Owners is yet to be determined :)

I must admit, Teddy Babes aren't everyone's cup of tea. Those looking for a surrogate human female will probably want a high end silicone doll. But those who like the Teddy Babes, like them a lot! I've seen a few used Teddy Babes offered up for sale and they sell pretty quick.

And heck if you like them a lot you can have the entire lineup to keep you company for the price of a single high end silicone doll. Think of it! Your very own harem of 12 Teddy Babes without the expense of meals and lodging :)

  Teddy Babes

What Teddy Babes Do Best

After a full day of Vegas ... who needs a brothal ?

In summary, I rank the Teddy Babes as the best 'bang' for the buck! A love doll you can take anywhere, a cuddle companion, spirit uplifter with low maintenance and versatility. They keep you warm and happy and even help to chase away lonely moments. If I could only have one doll, it would be a Teddy Babe because that's the one that gives me the most hours of quality time and pleasure regardless of price. I've even given away 5 Teddy Babes and in all recipients expressed an improvement in their quality of life. Not bad for a $700 doll.

Teddy Babes aren't just a love doll - they are a life experience!



Stats, Reported Problems and Wish Lists


33" Bust, 19" Waist, 28" Hips, 19" Inseam, 16" Shoulder to wrist, 9" Neck

Reported Problems:

TB Hand Skeleton


The only common complaint amongst Teddy Babe owners is that the dolls have a tendency to have their hands detach from the arm at the wrist wire. Although this affects posability and the wrist becomes floppy it in no way detracts from the usage or cudliness of the dolls. For this reason many choose not to repair them. Repairs can easily be performed with basic sewing skills and a pair of pliers as demonstrated by one of our female Teddy Babe owners who posted the process on the Doll Forum at Teddy Babe Wrist Post.

Few other problems were reported and those appear to be isolated cases.

Rumors have it that Eighth Wonder will be addressing this and other issues somewhere down the road.. No announcements have been made as of the writing of this review.

Renate's "How to fix your Teddy Babe's Wrist Thread"

Teddy Babe Owner's options wish list in order of popularity:
  1. Matching Silicone insert (already addressed by SiliPlush)
  2. Longer legs (Some have used high boots to extend the legs)
  3. Toes (Some customers have stitched their own)
  4. Smaller boobs (Still waiting)
  5. Bendable hips so doll sits naturally (Still waiting)
And Midiman's wish list:
A deluxe Pussy Velour that sports its own heavy padding and tapered liner for more grip that doesn't depend on the doll for its form. (to be used with female condom) Economic and keeping with the plushie theme. Maybe I'll commission Doodman to design one based on my provided specs. Then again, maybe he's already working on one :) Watch for the final product at The Teddy Babe Store or put your name in early for BETA testing.
Comfy Plush Insert

Teddy Babe Links

PlushLovedolls.com ...formerly Teddy Babe Store Canada

The Doll Forum (Check out the Teddy Babe Forum)

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Fantastic review, this covers everything. Well written and illustrated with photos and videos. What more could we ask for, and one lucky person could be taking home a TeddyBabe at the end of the contest on May 1st ;)


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