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Portraits & More (Part I)


This new year, I am starting my blog with Portraits & More of the girls here. Last December, I bought a new camera lens, a 35mm prime lens with f/1.4 aperture. And now they all want to participate in this photo shoot: Laetitia, Lina, Lissa, Louise, Michelle, Penelope and Rebecca –named in alphabetical order, photos in random order, this is sensitive, I don't want any trouble wink


It’s the time of the year to do a photo shoot with all my girls. So I told them to dress up for the occasion, black and red as dress code, to match with our Christmas tree laugh

Trousers off!

It is considered rude, but how often do you think ‘Trousers off!’ Wishing to see her assets underneath. ”Underneath your clothes, there's an endless story”, Shakira said it wink

Penelope, being such a good girl, would she show what is underneath, trousers off surprise