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November 2023


Name: Zev

Owner (Alias) (Alias): Cifer

Location (State and Country): South Carolina, USA

Short Bio:  Zev is a voluptuous blonde who was raised as a girl that possesses Southern charm and personality. She likes having fun, going on numerous adventures and looking her best always. Her clothing style is bold, sexy, beautiful, and at her core she enjoys being a "Lady of the South".

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Zev Vital Statistics

Bust: 94 cm (37 in)

Waist: 51 cm (20 in)

Hips: 86 cm (34 in)

Height: 160 cm (62 in)

Weight: 34 kg (75 lb)

Bra Size: K Cup

Shoe Size: 4 (EU 35)

Dress Size: 2-4

Model/Date: AF Doll 160K - Head #93 Jan 2021



Custom Features

Body Type: AF Standard Body and Shoulders (TPE)

Head Type: AF Head 93 (TPE)

Upgrades: Hollow Breasts

Feet Bolts: Yes, Metal

Skin Tone: Natural

Eye Color: Light Blue (MF #01)

Eye Shadow: Gold

Hair Color: Blonde ( 613, White Blonde Auburn )

Hairstyle: Long Wavy or Curly

Nail Color: Pink

Lip Color: L'Oreal 262 (Fresh as a Rose)

Pubic Hair: None







Previous Appearances: December 2022 Featured Photographer -

My TDF thread: "The Tales of Lady Zev - Pics and Adventures"


Doll girlfriends: All doll girls are my sisters in the world!

Ambition: To spread "Doll Joy" everywhere I go! smiley

Best Quality: My willingness to try anything no matter the difficulty.

Words to Live by: Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day!)

I Love: Sunshine and a warm breeze

I Hate: Rainy days and cold weather.

Perfect Evening: Taking a ride to the lake and enjoying the sunset across the water..

Untold Fantasy: To Drag Race Cifer's Vette angel

I Feel Sexy When: I am out in the world showing off my sexiness!

My Idea of fun: Any kind of new adventure that leads to an unforgettable experience.

Aphrodisiacs: Floral scents and Racing Fuel  

My Lingerie Drawer: I am particularly fond of anything that shows off my nice breasts

You can never have enough: Mindless entertainment with pure enjoyment.  

Favorite Position: I like being out the pole position of course!

Favorite sport(s): I like water sports mostly so I can wear a sexy bikini! wink

Favorite musical group(s), song(s): Wishbone Ash

Favorite Artist(s), Painting(s): No particular favorite, whatever makes me smile.

Favorite Author(s), book(s): Any type of learning-based literature, whatever is fun to read about.

Favorite TV Show(s): The Dukes of Hazzard, Top Gear, Overhaulin' (Any cool car shows)

Favorite movie(s): Bullitt, The World's Fastest Indian

Favorite Place: Any place where I can have fun and be "Me"

Favorite Quote: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." (Nietzsche)







Zev Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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