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This month Im gonna honor some request to explain some of my set-ups. For the most part, I like to keep it simple and get as much in the camera as I can. Then it is off to editing. The 1st pic is of Grace at the outhouse in Bermuda. The outhouse was in Bermuda but as you can see, I shot Grace in my back yard using any one of a number of things to pose her. Cardboard boxes, weights, black t-shirt strips. Most importantly is the doll stand I built from specs I found here at TDF. I use this stand to pose Grace and DeeDee. I mounted a bicycle seat to it also for some support. The lighting here is self explanatory. Its out side so it is a natural feel. I also used a 4'silver reflector to get light on her dark side. I then hit up Photoshop to edit and flip her which I thought looked better.

Next up is Roxxanne in the Pole dance set-up. I've included diagram to show the position of lighting and such. Here again I like to get as much as possible in the camera. All of this image was done in the camera except for the dead space between the projection screen and the plexiglass floor. As you can see, I show a couple different projected backgrounds. I do this a lot until something really jumps out at me. The flexibility of the projector offers unlimited possibilities. I use motion loops for most backgrounds. I've had peeps here at TDF pm me about my photoshop backgrounds. I've had to explain myself quite a few times so I'm hoping they read this blog.

Next up is Roxxanne in one of my Boudoir image. I love this topic and it will serve as much inspiration for some of my future images. I love that Boudoir is about showing less (sexually) and more about a connection with the viewer. Its all about provoking the feeling of sensuality without being explicit. Don't get me wrong here. Explicit has its place too! So here is the breakdown of my set-up. All of this image was done in the camera. Some editing was done to complete the vignette and color balance. So I hope this helps my peeps here at TDF. It is always fun for me to be able to express my creativity with my dolls! From the very beginning it has been nothing but fun! I always like to push the threshold and try not to draw lines in the sand. There should never be barriers to our creativity. So lets keep up the forward progress.

The last photos here show one of the other ways I light up my girls. I used theatrical stage lighting Par Cans with colored gels to get the image of DeeDee for the January Photo Challenge "Boudoir" The 1st pic speaks for itself as you can see the entire set up. I snapped the photo with my iPhone.

A bit of make up was applied post camera, but the entire image was done in the camera.

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 Hi Alottahope,

Almost needless to say that I love this article. Being designer I have a huge weak spot for creative thinking and processes. Of course it is the result that counts, but the fun part is in the process and finding creative solutions for the problems that you encounter. 

Great article! :)


That was fun to watch!Smile

Hi alottahope, you made it look easy with your sketches, pics and explanations. Thank you! The pics are so good. Problem is I´m too old and dumb to do anything like that. Smile


Hi AlottaHope, thanks for explaining 'the making of ...' :)

That's a nice studio set-up  ;)



A big thanks my friend for sharing how it's done. Blogs like this help others see what goes into make such great photos :)


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Thanks for showing us how you do your fantastic photos. They are all quite wonderful but this one literally took my breath away.

Hi AlottaHope,
thanks for providing a look behind the scene setup. Your technique is impressive and professional, a great and well equipped studio you use here.
Thanks for sharing!!