Chloé’s Adventures (part 1)


Readers of The Doll Forum might remember Chloé’s story starting with a
flash of inspiration waking her up demanding a map. Getting dressed wasn't in
the picture - knowing where she was going was the more important thing.

She got dressed in working clothes and had her tools packed in a box by
the time I got up in the morning, and in the car made sure she knew where she
was going, equipped with emergency provisions.

The journey was quite long but she didn't mind me taking a break at a
service station, and she remarked upon pollution on the way and later put fuel
in the car telling me that we still had 150kms to go.

Eventually we arrived. It was a little late in the afternoon and she
wanted to stretch her legs and see around the garden before starting work.

She'd heard there was a swimming pool and thought this was rather small so
went off to see if she could find it. There was a bar in the garden and thought
what a fun place it must be with people around in the summer wistfully dreaming
of the excitement of people around, but quite enjoying the peace all by

Then she found the pool and day dreamed in reflections in the water.

Finally she decided it was time for work and stopping by the front door,
the dog said "hello" with whom she made friends. Her first task was
to try the piano to see how much it had gone out of tune.

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To be continued …


Congrats Harem on your new blog

Very nicely done!

Thanks so much.

It all happened by accident and all as a result of a lovely lady who invited Chloé to come alive. And even the dog . . . 

Chloé and the dog converse . . .

So all thanks are due to our lovely host.

Best wishes


Nice to see Chloé in the pages of CoverDoll. Laughing

Hey for a moment there I thought the dog was a new pair of fuzzy boots that I would love!

It's great to see Chloé here at CoverDoll :)

I'm looking forward seeing her next adventures ;)


Hi Harem, what a collection of pics. Chloé loves to travel and show us the beauty of France, and of herself. Can´t wait for more. Chris

I'm glad Chloé has joined the racks of bloggers :). I really look forwards to seeing her great adventurers each month :)


CoverDoll Publisher To err is human to forgive divine.

It's great to see Chloé here at CoverDoll and to follow her adventures in the real world. Very interesting blog.

/drupal/node/2218 . . . the story doesn't finish here!

Best wishes