Lilica as a jeweler and Yurica as a sexy handywoman!


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“Lilica as a jeweler and Yurica as a sexy handywoman!” 

I made a little workbench in my cellar. It is very practical and well organized. Of course, the girls wanted to try it. Lilica was the first, she had a necklace to repair and she transformed for a moment into a sexy jeweler!

Thanks to her articulated fingers, she handles small tools perfectly and realistically that allow her to repair her little bracelet. Dressed in a black lace kimono and a black fishnet bodysuit hugging her body, Lilica, with stiletto heels on her feet, applies great care to this small spot which is out of the ordinary.

Then it was Yurica's turn. I was sitting at my workbench tinkering, when Yurica came to join me, insisting on helping me... After kindly pointing out to her that she was not in an outfit conducive to tinkering, she still wanted to participate. I can't refuse him anything...

She still agreed to wear protective glasses to protect her beautiful eyes.

With her articulated fingers allowing realistic gestures, Yurica tinkers in green lingerie and stiletto heels. A sexy handywoman!

I like to create this style of everyday scenes with my dolls.

It will soon be Joanna’s turn…




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I wish my girls were that handy, handy when something needs to be fixed wink