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Masai’s blog: Lorrie & Alitash – November 2023

These two bubbly cuddly fems get a little frisky sometimes and I think this time Lorrie had the bright idea of doing a little cos play/role play for this photo shoot and Alitash gladly agreed. It’s been a long time since I’ve featured Alitash in anything so she jumped at the idea. Lorrie is happy and sad at the same time because this is her last blog and photo shoot with Cover Doll due to my health restrictions thus ending her modeling career forever. I barely have enough time to produce fine art, paintings and sculptures, so any strength I have left goes to the studio. Lorrie’s thick body is a work of art sculpture all within itself. Holy Batman Cat Woman!

We decided to get a little spicy for the month of November and I hope y’all like it. Doing blogs and photo shoots for Cover Doll has been a real pleasure and honor for two years I believe and I’m sad to let it go. Lorrie and I will tune in from time to time to see the beautiful sexy Love Dolls on display. Much Love to all of you and….


Many Blessings, Appreciation & Gratitude,


Masai & Lorrie


Here are a few recent examples of my paintings and sculptures. Currently I’m exhibiting at the DeYoung Museum of Art in San Francisco, CA. til January 7th, 2024. Also exhibiting in Los Angeles, CA - New Delhi, India and Hong Kong, China.  Thank you and take care everyone!

"Escape From Harlem Shuffle", polystyrene with mixed materials, 17" X 17" X 20", 2023


"Giants Among Us", oil on canvas, 60" X 72", 2023


"Thought We Both Came Over on the Same Boat", polystyrene with mixed materials, 12" X 36" X 25", 2023


"A Familiar Sound", oil on canvas, 48" X 36", 2013 - revised in 2023


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Hi Lorrie,

It's a nice series to end your career as a model which enchanted us. There will be lovely memories left and all these beautiful photos that some will enjoy discovering and others will enjoy seeing again.

Good luck Masai. Take care of yourself, and have fun creating these works that travel around the world. Let me know if an exhibition of your works is held in Paris one day.

Dearest 4891d,

Lorrie and I appreciate you and all the support you've given us for a long time. It's been wonderful tuning into your super kind and encouraging words each month. We will miss you greatly.

I spent a little time in Paris and I just loved it. I stayed on the left and right bank and didn't want to come back to America. Three months ago I exhibited in Saint Frajou, France at the Saint Frajou Museum of Painting and was very honored to do so. I was invited. The show was up one month and I hated to see it come down. Thank you on the kudos for my art career going forward. God Bless you and happy holidays to you and your family.

Masai & Lorrie