May 2003

Doll's Name:Tia

Doll's Nickname:

Doll's Owner (Alias): Wolverine

Lives (State and Country):
Ill. U.S.A.


Vital Statistics

Bust: 38DD

Waist: 26”


Height: 5’7”, 5’10” with her packaged high heels

Weight: approx. 140 lbs.

Bra Size: 38 DD

Shoe Size: 7

Dress Size: 5-7

Model Date: 2003



Custom Features

Body Type: 3

Head Type: 2

Skin Tone: Tan

Eye Color: Dark brown

Eye Shadow: none

Eye Liner: medium

Eye Liner Color: black

Hair Color: brunette

Hairstyle: 5

Nail Color: French manicure

Lip Color: natural

Pubic Hair Color: brunette

Pubic Hairstyle: trimmed




Previous Appearances:  Doll album,

Video:None yet.

Doll girlfriends:  None so far.

Ambition:  To outlive my owner.

My Best Quality: 
A fine heiny!

Words to Live by:
Live and let live.

I Love:To get naked!

I Hate:Waiting for him.

Perfect Evening: All of them.

Untold Fantasy: So Many.

I Feel Sexy When: He rips my clothes off.

My Idea of Fun: That would be telling.

Aphrodisiacs: Don't need them!

My Lingerie Drawer: Naughty, naughty, that's private.

You can never have enough: Lubricant

Favourite Sport: Guesses?

Favourite Position: All

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs:Love all music.

Favourite Artists, Paintings: None.

Favourite Movies, Directors:  Don't see much TV.

Favourite Authors, Books:  No time too read

Favourite Quote: Live love and be loved!

Favourite Places: Home.





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I'm a real doll...and I know it!