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June 2017

Name: Yolanda

Nickname: She looks like a friend so I'd be killed if I mentioned it . . . but in the circles she mixes in, names are never mentioned anyway. She seems to like to be referred to as "Her Ladyship" but to others she's known as "The Princess"

Owner (Alias): Haremlover

Location: Sussex, England UK

Short Bio: She arrived for a photo-shoot one day and forgot to go away. She shows signs of refinement and deportment perhaps one could only expect from a Swiss finishing school. Whether she's really a Princess or not I'm not quite sure but she carries her title well.




Vital Statistics

Bust: 85 cm

Waist: 59 cm

Hips: 95 cm

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 31 kg including head

Bra Size: What's a bra?

Shoe Size: UK 4

Dress Size: S

Model Date: March 2017



Custom Features

Body Type: DS Doll 167

Head Type Yolanda

Skin Tone: Pink

Eye Color: Green

Eye Shadow: Standard

Eye Liner: Standard

Eye Liner Colour: Standard

Hair Colour: Blond

Hairstyle: Long

Nail Colour: Natural

Lip Colour: Standard

Pubic Hair Colour: Don't ask rude questions!

Pubic Hairstyle: Ladies don't talk about such things.







Previous Appearances: None

Video: none

Doll girlfriends: Aira, Thera, Kayla, NaNaSe, Neri and Rose

Ambition: To be Queen

My Best Quality: Kindness

Words to Live by: Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind

I Love: To be worshipped . . .

I Hate: Selfishness

Perfect Evening: A night at the Opera is my dream with a picnic in the garden. But Harem's not that likely to take me

Untold Fantasy: Meeting the Mad Hatter

I Feel Sexy When: . . . I'm always sexy!

My Idea of Fun: Going on one of Harem's photoshoots in a town. They sound ever so exciting.

Aphrodisiacs: Champagne

My Lingerie Drawer: Harem's promised to take me to a lingerie shop one day for some modelling. Then I'll find something I like.

You can never have enough: Time

Favourite Position: Standing looking glamorous

Favourite Sport: Tricking people into thinking I'm a real person

Favourite Groups, Songs: Led Zepellin - Stairway to Heaven

Favourite Artists, Paintings: John Tenniel, The Dodo presenting Alice with a thimble

Favourite Movies, Directors: Belle du Jour, Luis Buñuel

Favourite TV show: Bewitched

Favourite Quote: “have I gone mad? I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.” Lewis Carroll

Favourite Places: Wonderland








Yolanda's Photo Shoots CLICK HERE



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Everything looks sooooooo good Harem .... especially the Cover ... wonderful shoot ... Thank you! 

Hi Harem, stunning pics, Yolanda is a stunning beauty, she´ll find a lot of worshippers for sure. Here´s one. I love the pic of her washing her hands in the sink, great! Chrs

Hi Yolanda,

You sure have made an impression. Popped out of nowhere and instantly got yourself selected for the most desirable place in this community, which is the cover of our magazine. I have to say that your appereance has a striking similarity to the fairytale of the princess and the pea. Also your answers to our questionaire prerfectly fit in this respect..... Indeed you must be a princess. 

Wow, I feel honored to have you on our cover, your highness! smiley


Hi Yolanda,

Superb outfit and pictures.

It was a pleasaure to meet you in the flesh at Harem's place. I am sure everyone would like to see more of your Ladyship.

Humble Regards,

Phil - The-Doll-House

Yoland's particularly touched by all admiration expressed and says that it's a real joy to model for Coverdoll.

Best wishes