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Let me introduce myself, I'm Danae 24 years old . I was born in Hanning china from a chinese mother and an hungarian father . My parents left china quickly after i was born and went to vilnius in lithuania.

I grew there and do all my studies in the vilnius university, i have a master in happiness and cuddling.

 I've meet Serge while hitchhiking as he is a truck driver, we talked and laught a lot during this trip, and when i've asked him where he was from, he told me he was from France and described me his lovely little paradise.

He was really a charming man, in fact i liked him and i 've asked him if he will be able to take me with to France . After his surprise he said " Banco let's go to France" and from this time i leave with my "Szerelem" ( my love in hungarian) in his little paradise ...

Here is our meeting ,

Otherwise i'm like every girls, i like clothes, fashion and musics . i love to walk around the house nude and disturb my Szerelem during his work , i do a lot of stupidity because i'm clumsy. i love wearing sexy outfits and make photos ( photos that my Szerelem share with the TDF and the french forum).

Here is a bit of me , for the technical parts i'm a SANHUI doll 168 with Séverine head blue eyes most of the time i'm a curly blonde but i can be long black or long redhead and more ..



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