The CoverDoll Interview December 2020


The Interview - Alita

By Tasha Marie  

A candid conversation with Alita, November's featured model. She's spunky, punky, perky and adventurous.



I first noticed Aita's funky edgy red coif. Immedately I was drawn in my her charm and sweet demeanor. We follow each other on Instgram as well as here on TDF. She is quite the spunky gal who isn't afraid to try new things. We had a wonderful time together chatting. I found out so much about her and only grew more fond of her as we talked. I am sure you will too!

Tasha: Haii Alita TYSM for taking the time to chat with me! So You were born in France and came to the US with your family. How did you and Atomic Punk meet?

Alita: Merci beaucoup Tasha! Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my story with your magazine. Atomic was a featured photographer, and now an interview with me... so exciting. Atomic and I met at a local roller rink. Can you believe that? I just finished a class and was getting some lunch at a local diner. I had to eat outdoors because of the COVID rules here in America, and right next door I heard some music coming from a roller disco rink. I had never been rollerskating before. In fact, I thought roller rinks were extinct! When I go inside, I noticed a very handsome fellow wearing a Paris St. Germain Football jersey. Well, in America they call it "soccer" for some strange reason. I was so thrilled to see something from my home in Paris, I had to speak to him. Atomic's not French, but he'd been to Paris twice before and we had a lovely time talking about it. And I got some free rollerskating lessons out of the day, too. Atomic is amazing on skates! From there we found ourselves in love, spending every day together since then.

Tasha: You teach dance to kids & teens, that is so great. What kinds of Dance do you teach?

Alita: Kids are always coming up with new dances, so I try to keep the moves fresh for them. I am classically trained and teach ballet, but most of the kids sign up for my modern dance classes. They come in all the time with TikTok videos and want to copy those. I have to say the kids on TikTok are very clever. My funniest moment was a little 8 year old boy who came up to me and said "Can you teach me to Floss?". I told him he should ask his dentist. He laughed and said "No Miss Alita, I want to do this" and he showed me a YouTube video of a kid doing the Floss Dance. Oh my! I giggled and that became our dance of the day!

Tasha: Did you study dance in school?

Alita: Alita Oui! I studied at the Paris Marais Dance School in Paris. I really wanted to become a ballerina when I was a child. One of my first memories is the Opera National de Paris when I was 4 years old. The Opera House is so beautiful. It was hard and grueling work, and VERY competitive. I eventually did get to perform at the Opera House, but I did not make the ballet company. When my parents came to New York City in America, I thought maybe I could do something on Broadway or maybe The Met!

Tasha: Have you ever danced professionally aside from teaching?

Alita: I spent a year or two in the New York club scene. The competition in New York was even fiercer than in Paris! So many talent people. I went many, many auditions. Some good, some not so good. Many times they were looking for a specific look and not interested in how our talent could compensate for that. But that's showbiz. I got a few roles as an extra here and there, but never a speaking part. Eventually



Alita Continued: I was fortunate to get a part in a show called "Burn All Night" 3 years ago. It's about the contemplation of the apocalypse in the setting of a nightclub. It all takes place on the dance floor, and audience members more or less mingle with the performers. Kind of like the murder mystery theatre dinners that are really popular. It was amazing. Since I was big into raves and clubs after I moved to America, it really fit my personality!

Tasha: You may have seen I am into pole dancing/stripping. Have you ever done that before?

Alita: [blushes] Actually no! I am a conservative girl at heart, so I have not tried it. I had a few girlfriends in New York City that danced in men's clubs for a living and we got along really well. I know there are pole dancing classes you can take, and still leave your clothes on. He He! I always imagine middle aged housewives hanging from stripper poles and it makes me giggle. It takes a lot of core strength to do some of those pole moves. I suppose if Atomic installed a pole at home we might try it. I say "we" because I want to see him pole dance!

Tasha: Part of my regular blog is about fashion and style. You have the most rad hair styles!! YOU ROCK THEM ALL!! What got you interested in experimenting with hair styles?

Alita: To me a hairstyle is just as important as makeup and clothes. Color and cut sets a mood and establishes your look. It's so easy to do. I like changing my hair up to go along with what I'm feeling or doing. At heart I'm an adventurous girl, so the orange punk hair looks great when i'm rollerskating, around the house, dancing or feeling mischievous. My pinkish blonde hair gives me a "cute girly next door look". Atomic melts when I look "cute". I'll also wear that for my "Now You Know" bookworm posts, where I shout out some fun facts. My curly brown hair comes out when I'm feeling relaxed. I have a few other sets for cosplay and experimenting. Most girls say they can't have enough clothes, well I feel like I can never have enough hairstyles! One of the most dramatic things a girl can do is change their hair.

Tasha: Your Instagram page is rocking. You are gaining followers pretty nicely. IT's great to see how followings develop naturally through real connections and not paid shout-outs. How did you and Atomic get into Instagram as a way to share you images?

Alita: Instagram has been so much fun. I tried Twitter first, for about one week. It was terrible. I felt like I was lost in a sea of political insults and trash talk. Atomic and I wanted a nice platform to share our everyday lives, kind of like a journal or blog. Back before the internet, people had photo albums or scrapbooks, and I think Instagram is a great platform to do something like that to share publicly. I know that my friends on TDF have accounts as well, so we started following each other to begin with. That gave us our "fan base", and from there we've grown to almost 600 followers in less than 4 months. I'm no influencer or pop star, but I think that's pretty cool! Don't we all secretly dream of having thousands of followers and get a fashion sponsorship? After all, we have to pay for our clothes somehow! We will still have a great time either way. I seriously love when people leave comments on my posts. It's starts a conversation and you can slowly start to get to know people. In this time of COVID lockdowns, it's really hard to meet people in real life.

Tasha: You are so active I love how


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Tasha Continued: you are so adventurous. You also love arcade games!- Which are your favorites?

Alita: There are so many favorites now. I grew up on the PS3 and the Wii. Wii Bowling was awesome, it felt like you were really there. I played A LOT of RockBand, as I've always loved music and had a hidden desire to be in a band! Well, when I met Atomic, he introduced me to arcade video games from the 80s and 90s. I thought an Arcade was just a bunch of machines of chance where you got tickets for silly toys, like snakes and mood rings. Atomic put together a mini arcade cabinet with hundreds of old games on it, even stuff from the NES, Super NES and the ancient Atari 2600. It feels like every week I get discover something new. My favorite old arcade games so far are Galaga, Dig Dug and Millipede. Atomic kicks my butt at PacMan, but he's no match for me at fighting games like Tekken or Streetfighter! And a shout out to Spider-man on the PS4. I love to make Atomic jealous pretending I'm Mary Jane Watson swinging around the city with Spider-man.

Tasha: I LOVE LOVE LOVE old movies- Tell us about your faves please...

Alita: Oui, they just don't make movies like they used to. Clever dialogue, twisty plots, lots of glamour, and oh, fashion I could just die for. My favorite oldie is "Casablanca", but that's the Paris in me! What a beautiful movie. Sometimes honor is more important than selfish love. "Charade" with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn is a wonderful comedy/ murder mystery. I don't think men come any more charming than Mr. Grant, and Audrey Hepburn is just sooo cute. Oh wait, that takes place in Paris too! [giggles] "Holiday" is another great Cary Grant movie too. As a dancer, I can't resist the old musicals. "Band Wagon" with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charise, two of my heroes, has incredible dance numbers. Then there's "Guys and Dolls", "White Christmas", "Funny Face" and oui... "An American In Paris"! I'm making Atomic watch that with me tonight! No director did "spooky" quite like Alfred Hitchcock. All his movies keep me guessing every minute. And then some culty type movies I like are "Midnight Cowboy", "Repo Man" and "Rollerball", the original one that is. And lastly, the one movie that makes me laugh every time I see it is "Weekend at Bernies". Just to see people so wrapped up in their own vanity and not see that Bernie's dead? Si amusant!

Tasha: OMG! I love all of those... "Moonstruck" and "Miss Congeniality" are two of our faves. Holiday time I LOVE "It's Wonderful Life." & "Miracle on 34th Street." Katherine Hepburn is my favorite classic actress .. "African Queen," "Bringing up Baby" and Adam;s Rib and wonderful. A great cult film is "Ladies and Gentlemen -The Fabulous Stains". It stars Diane Lane, and it is one of her first movies, she is like 17. Laura Dern is in it too. It's about girls who run off from home. They wind up starting a band and a national sensation. There are a number of famous rock musicians in it too. I think you'll like it. Alita, =we don't live too far part. Would you like to do a photoshoot sometime? I'd love to collaborate with you. Then we could hang out and watch a movie together and have some munchies!

Alita: Awww. I think that could be fun! It would be nice to meet other girls like me, we are a very rare breed. If we are the same size, can I try on some of your outfits? Merci! Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année!

Tasha: ! YAAAASSSS!! I am pretty sure we are close in size and can share clothes! ....I love it. You are on girl! Let'z DOOOOO IT!!!!!


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