June 2021 Featured Photographer

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Our Featured Photographer for June 2021 is Dewyn


Meet Stéphanie

About the doll:

Stéphanie is a WM Doll 165D / Head #105

The shoot:

Stéphanie recently celebrated her third birthday. Three years of happiness for me with my adorable little doll. The best occasion to make a special shoot where I imagined her ready to go out shopping, one of her favorite activities.


These photos were taken with a Nikon B500 Coolpix in late afternoon natural light, on a beautiful sunny day. This allowed me not to use the soft box. The effects on some of the images were done directly from the camera which has many features. To add the frames, I have employed the online software PhotoFancy. Most of the settings : f/4,2, shutter speed 1/30, iso 200, 11,7mm lens.


Stéphanie & Dewyn




Note from the Editor: Each month we will feature a different photographer's work. We invite doll owners and manufacturers alike to participate in this new monthly feature. Photo shoots must meet a minimum quality level. If you do not meet that level we are happy to work with you, critique your photos and help you to raise the bar on your photography. Good photo shoots can be had with low cost digital cameras. It is all in the technique.

Submit your inquiries and sample entry photos to featuredphotographer@coverdoll.com