Valentine's Day


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“Valentine's Day”

The month of February is marked by the celebration of lovers, Valentine's Day. Some are against, others for, it doesn't matter...

We, with Lilica Yurica & Joanna, love it and we are celebrating this glamorous party with a photo shoot. A subdued cocooning atmosphere, heart-shaped balloons, roses and of course Champagne are on the program! Wearing white wigs in the style of the Moulin Rouge, wearing lingerie made up of chains only slightly covering their bodies, Lilica Yurica & Joanna get caught up in the games and the temperature rises very quickly. They quickly find themselves naked and through naughty glances and sensual caresses, they celebrate this lovers' celebration in their own way...

It's also a bit of their celebration. Of course, I also have an eye on all of these and I enjoy photographing them.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!





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