I also love Blondes!! With a Very Special Guest Appearances!!


First, I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my goofy blogs. I will not be doing a blog in August as I have a medicial procedure scheduled to try and stop my nasty pain from my sciatic nerve. Hopefully I will be back in the groove for September and my 73rd birthday (gifts and money appreciated wink ). I also did not have any help from my daughter as she found a new job, a very nice one working for the county, She has started smiling again so I am very happy! 



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Back a few months I took a bunch of my naked dolls and sorted them by hair color. It was then I deecided to create a group known as the Blonde Bombers. After awhile the idea of a Drill team. Since everything is $ I tried to keep it cheap and went with a Patriotic look (USA of course) by doing Red, White and Blue. Just as drill team needs some cheer leaders I add 2 more blonds to the group, I tried to give them a more youthfull look so I went with the new anime thin but great boobs and buns!!  But first I reveived a super cool set (a blonde) so I have added her to my Blog.

SW Toys 1/6 MS. Rogers Figure [SW-FS049]


I was blown away at my pure luck. I received an email from BBTS showing me an item they thought I might like. One look and since it was a pre order it had a special deal. If you pre order her you get an extra head with the helement. Talk about timing, 2 days later I got the email that she was in stock and would be shipping soon. I got her in 2 days. 

The figure is based on the Marvel comic charater Ms. Marvel (there where several versions of the Character that were one offs and not the current one in the movies now). 

She is not a Phicen but since she is in a costume that covers all the gaps, it is fine. Poses really easily and stands without a stand!! I love her and since she is a perfect match color wise with Phicen suntan and that extra head, you know what's cuming, lol. I have checked BBTS and the set no longer includes the extra helmeted head so it's a good set but you want to find one with the 2nd head if you can. It's a definite A or a good 9 out of 10!

Blonde Bombers!

First you should note that I used many diferrent body sizes and had several head moves to try and get a good and balanced group. Since this is not a military unit I was free to make as goofy a unirom that I wanted. A simple jump suit (I went arm free, easier to dress and undress them. Yes, I wanted to create a outfit that would be easy to remove when I wanted some nude drill performances. The boots are simple zippers, a secrect to use the boots is before you do anything take some water based lube (I use astroglide gel) on your finger tip and run it up and down the zipper. Makes it so easy the zip and unzip them. 

My officer is the same uniform but a jacket from an stewerdess's uniform and a military navel officers cap (with out patches), forunetly I found a dealer who sent the patches separately!

I had planned on a much larger posting but both time and pain limited my posing. I will retun to them later and do a better review. I have flags, Instruments and other items to create a decent drill team. As always, I love my hard footed Phicens as they stand and pretty much pose themselves!! More to cum!!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes | Star Ace Toy


I could not beleive my luck! Talk about the esential blond bomber, Marilyn Monroe herself! This is a 2016 set and very hard to find! I was lucky as I work nights and the auction was done in the wee hours. I sniped her and she is mine and at a very reasonable price.  This set is based on a TBLeague body (Like a S24A) and the head is a perfect match. No head plug but is the correct size for the S24A. I have one coming so keep and eye out on TDF. The dress is a simple un snap and off and the jewlery is of Barbie Doll quality but to me it is all about that head and a georgous paint job. Very happy with this set and I can't wait to do some of my own outfits. She does stand but for times sake, and I like this stand as it fits the theme, so I also used it! 

The Blue Hat!


This is funny. I bought a blue officers hat for a commander. They sent me anoter white one (thanks for the free 40 dollor ha). So they sent me the blue one. I finially got the hat and officers jacket on the 10th. I jamed her together for a quick photo, I used the brand new 'strong body and she is very tight in the outfit!!

Have a great summer and catch you back in the fall (See you in September, there's a song in there some where)!









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nice group of girls again lone, hope your procedure goes well and you can be free of pain again nurse carly is sending some warm plushy hugs to help you feel better.

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