Tasha's Lifestyle Talk May 2024: A Deeper Dive into The Sigma Mystique


The more I learn about the traits of a Sigma woman, the more I can relate to and embrace them.  Sigma women embody a mindset that values collaboration over competition. Instead of being caught up in the rat race, we prioritize our own personal development. That has always been my way from the beginning.

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Way Back! 2016-ish: My Dolls Kill Era, A Budding Sigma

Like other Sigma women, I constantly strive to better myself and achieve my personal goals, which shapes my path and my way of life.  We Sigmas understand the importance of personal growth and are driven to continually surpass our previous accomplishments.Embracing a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence is fundamental for Sigma women. Some find it intimidating how we do this.  We have a strong sense of self and are unafraid to forge our own path based on our convictions.  It comes naturally to us, and it catches others off-guard and makes them uncomfortable, with themselves. Self-introspection is not easy, which is why it takes a Sigma. Alpha and beta women often seek external validation rather than engaging in self-introspection due to societal pressures and cultural conditioning. This emphasis on external validation overshadows the importance of self-introspection and self-validation, so they overlook the significance of understanding and embracing their own unique strengths, values, and aspirations.  

We women who identify with the Sigma personality type also highly prioritize our independence. We thrive in environments where we are free to pursue our passions without interference from others or societal norms. By rejecting conventional measures of success, we liberate ourselves from the pressures of comparison and competition. Instead of relying on societal standards or those of smaller social circles and cliques, we create our own goals and strive to surpass them with every new endeavor.

Does it get more independent than this?

Women who belong to a certain generation and hold feminist beliefs view obstacles and failure as valuable chances for learning and personal development. They embrace these valuable stepping stones towards mastery, recognizing the valuable lessons they impart, becoming more resilient with every obstacle. 

We Sigmas possess a strong sense of independence, perseverance, and a determination to succeed. Our decision to not engage in competition enables us to carve out our own unique paths and leave a lasting impact on the world with our individual contributions and achievements. We welcome and inspire others to embrace their true selves and achieve success through a focus on personal growth and continuous improvement, as we do. 

 In summary..

Essentially, Sigma women embrace a philosophy of independence, strength, and unwavering commitment to personal growth. Their decision to avoid getting caught up in the cutthroat world of competition distinguishes them, enabling them to carve out their own paths and make a lasting impact on the world with their distinctive contributions and accomplishments. Through their focus on personal development and continuous improvement, they motivate and encourage others to embrace their individuality and chart their own course towards fulfillment and success.  After being a brand ambassador for seven women's clothing and accessories companies, a smartphone app company, a women's publication, the leading doll manufacturer, hosting a discussion on X about relationships with AI and artificial women, recognized multiple times through national media as an accomplished influencer by e-zines news, international news publications in-print and online, interviewed for podcasts, featured in a CNN documentary, and published as a model & influencer in print & e-magazines, you might ask, "Tasha, what is next?  What else is there?" I certainly have asked myself that!  What can I say, my lovelies?  Thos woman's next steps are TBD as we say.  These steps are  certainly ways for me to continually grow personally and professionally. There are more collaboration projects planned & in the works, so stay tuned, queens.  If I didn't add an element of mystery, it would not be very Sigma of me, would it? 

There is so much more!

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