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Masai’s Blog: September 2023 – Lorrie Embraces Barbie World


Apparently the “Barbie” movie is a Tour de Force and having quite the influence on women’s fashion and style like I’ve never seen before. I remember when I was a kid, my sister had a complete Barbie set loaded with Ken, car and Barbie dream house which was big. She always wanted me to take the Ken doll and play with her walking them around and kissing…..Geez Sis, do I have to?

With this new craze, I am seeing gorgeous melanated women saying they are Barbie and embracing this iconography to the fullest with PINK everything. It even has Lorrie singing the Hip-Hop artists, Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s song “Barbie World” -

And I’m bad like the Barbie (Barbie) - I’m a doll but I still want to party (party) - Pink Vette like I’m ready to bend (bend) - I’m a 10, so I pull in a Ken - Like Jazzie, Stacie, Nicky, (grrah) - All of the Barbie’s are pretty (damn) - All of the Barbies are bad - IT girls and we ain’t playing tag (grrah).”

Well, Lorrie didn’t want to be left out so she demanded I dress her up in pink so she could join the phenomenon. Okay sweetie, Daddy will accommodate you to make you happy. As I’m looking at you now Booby, you do look pretty in your Barbie Pink, I think I’ll squeeze, fondle and kiss you later.


We wish you all good health and prosperity,


Masai & Lorrie


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Ice Spice & Nicky Minaj

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Hello pretty curvy Barbie!heart

4891d, Thank you so much for digging my Curvy Barbie. Much appreciation. Listen, the month of November will be the last blog and photo display of my Lorrie. my recent surgery has made it really tough to do these photo shoots. You've been a consistant fan and we really dig you for it. peace to you,

Masai & Lorrie