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It was a pleasure working with you over the years.

Thank you so much for all you've added to CoverDoll.

You will be missed.

All the best to you and Lorrie.



Masai, Lorrie,


Your blog posts have been appreciated much! They were different, they were great, they gave us a little inside in your life.

We understand the now's the time to stop, sad but also a good remembrance of all you contributions to CoverDoll.

Thank you! Take care! Stay in touch!


All the best,




Dear CoverDoll Team & Nescio,

I/We really appreciate the love and kind words you bestowed upon me for my blog contribitions to CoveDoll Magazine. It really is the end of an era. I want to continue wrestling with this thick female for photoshoots but it just isn't happening anymore. Sorry Lorrie, whos mad at me, but geez girl, what do you want from me? I had so much fun doing this for all this time and I made folders of each monthly session dating back to 2021so I have plenty of fond memories.

I love the cover of this November issue and the entire issue looks fabulous. Keep up the great work fellas and Lorrie & I will check in each month to see what's happening in Love Doll World.

Peace, Love & Soul,

Masai & Lorrie