Foxx Fashion Blog January 2018: Classy, Comfy, Cozy and Cuddly.


Tasha: Hey BBZ,  Tashionista here! Welcome back to the FFB!  We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Cover feature.  Since we gals in da Foxx Hole got lots of great PJ’s and lounge wear this year for Christmas, we wanted to find a good way to share how we look in them.   So this month, our topic is chill fashion at home.  YES! Fashion is important even at home.  We are going to show you a couple of our fave looks of how we  dress at home for just lounging around, texting, surfing the web, watching TV, listening to music, reading, cuddling with Teej and my favorites: napping and sleeping!   I am taking on the directing role this month so, Caterina will help model and be a guest host as well.  


Cat is checking out the closet to see all her new gear and she wants us to look with her.... Isn’t  Cat’s VS velour sleep set really cozy looking?   She and Gina both love to wear these on lazy days to lounge around.  

Caterina: Thanks, Half Pint!  Come on over and look with me, okay? 

Tasha: Thanks Cat...I love how cute the vented back is. 

Caterina: It is REALLY nice because it helps me stay comfy and doesn't bind when I move around.  

Tasha: I can see that but but I think you like the vent because it makes it easier for a certain someone to slip his hands under it during snuggle time. …

Caterina: LOLZ Tash.. Well that is DEFINITELY the reason Gina bean likes hers…Remember,  fashion is all about function too!   I think I found what I want to get changed into, I'll meet you upstairs...

Tasha: WOW! I love that set Cat!  What are you doing with the iPad?  

Caterina: Oh just checking my Twitter feed...OMGZ! You and Rari crack me up!

Tasha: Yeah we were on a roll...So you took the pony tail out of your hair?

Caterina: Yeah, I wanted to take out the barette too and put a french comb in.      

Tasha: So Cat where do you get ideas for your hair?

Caterina: Jeez, anywhere I guess... You Tube, Pinterest, Cosmo...



Tasha: Woah! Mama Lucia! 

Caterina: Oh stop, you goof! It's just a bikini sleep top. How about we chill and watch some netflix,  OK?


Tasha: Sure thing bae,  but Cat, you look so classy and comfy in those super sexy silky PJ’s and robe.  Somehow you manage to look incredible even when you are just watching TV  in your pajamas.   

TJ: Hey Tash, I guess you could say her outfit is the Cat’s Pajamas…

Tasha:  Yo McFudster, this is a blog, not a talk show.  So...why don't you go post that on yer "My Space"  m'kay? 

TJ: But Tashie! Don't forget to show everyone your comfy chill gear too…

Tasha: AWWW! Thanks Teej….  You know I am just kidding, right, boo?  So bbz, here are a couple of shots of what I wear when I chill around the house.  

Ok.. so you can see I have my hoodie and lightweight leggings on with a sports bra.  It is one of my fave combos because it is so versatile.  I was chilling and Pluto decided to join me on the sofa while our kitty snoozed away next to us!


 So after Pluto jumped up her majesty stirred a bit. 


The Pooch had to go out so I stayed with her royal highness and wanted to ask her why she likes to smell our dolly feet so much when she comes to visit us in the Foxx Hole...

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Caterina:  Tashi! TMI!!! Nobody wants to know that stuff! 

Tasha:  Oopsies! Tee hee... So Bbz,  you see,  just because you are home alone, hanging with your besties or with your sweetie, you can still look fab while lounging around.  Or as my bestie Rari says, when you are just “sluggin’ it.”    Don't forget! PLEASE share your  chillin’ out styles with us! Gina and Mari will be showing their chillaxin' gear in our Dolls Alive FFB thread, so look for that soon. 

BIG Jersey Smooches from us all at the Foxx Hole! MMMMUUUUWWWWWAAAHHHH!!!! 




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