Foxx Fashion Blog February 2018: Interview with Mariska Elayne Foxx


Tasha: Hey Bbz!  Welcome back to the FFB for February!  This month we are taking a new direction and doing an interview, like those in Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue but with the Cover Doll touch.  I had asked Mari to model her new poncho and wrap that she got for her birthday on Tuesday.  It was perfect because my theme was sweaters, since it is the middle of winter and cold here in Jersey.   So, after Mari said yes to modeling, we just stated talking about stuff like we do, and I thought it would be great to capture our convo for the blog like an interview. 

Tasha: So Mari, It was just your birthday and you got a very pretty poncho and a shawl which looks uber fab.  


Mariska: Thanks Tashie, I mean,Tashionista!  Yes, I LOVE this poncho TJ found for me, it is perfect.  I  like to wear it with almost anything, jeans and a t-shirt but it also looks great with this skirt and top.  

Tasha:  So Why did you pick the skirt and top instead of going casual?  

Mariska:  I figured it was better to over dress for the interview. Plus you said to wear “work clothes.”    So this is how I dress for work when I conduct therapy sessions. 



Tasha- Oh Yeah I did.. LOLZ!  Well You look great in it!  Please show us what else you got! 


Mari: Well How about this wrap?  It’s really cozy and I like how it pulls everything I am wearing together.  

Tasha: What are you wearing under there boo?  

Mari: Oh Just a sheer top that Cat lent me over a lovely burgundy bra which is actually very dressy, Cat gave me the green light to wear it this way.  She got the idea because I was walking around earlier with the wrap over me before I got completely dressed. She said, “Yo Mar that look so hot! You have to show that bra, wear this top with your skirt... "  So Idid!


Tasha: I am glad she did sis! It looks sex-ay!  Which reminds me of our your blonde moment today. 

Mari:  Oh Jeez, REALLY? You had to mention that!!! You are such a BRAT! Okay- Go ahead. 

Tasha: After you said yes to modeling your birthday gifts I asked if you were going to model them with your birthday suit….

Mari..Yeah you did…

Tasha: You said, “Oh TJ got me a suit too but hasn’t given it to me yet?  Gina laughed so hard, she snorted and her tea shot out her nose.  Cat said “Yo Mar, DUH! Even Blondie got that one. Then, I almost spit my coffee out on to the iPad. 

Mari: Yes, I had a “Blonde Moment.”  I had to laugh at myself.  Then I thought, “ this is what it is like to be Gina…” 

Tasha: OH STOP! You are killing me!!!  You did say you’d model the wrap with your birthday suit…


Mari:   How do you con me into doing this stuff? 


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Tasha: I don't get you to do anything you dont want to do…c’mon you are a therapist you know this. 

Mari… True.  

Tasha: Hey big sis thanks so much for doing the FFB with me this month! 

Mari: You are welcome Half Pint!!

Tasha: OKAY Bbz! Don't forget to hop over to Dolls Alive and add your pics in your sweaters, shawls, ponchos, wraps etc.  Let’s have lots of fun with this!  

((((((HUGS!!!!!!)))))  MMMMMUUUWWWAAAHHHH!!!!!!!






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