For Christmas, Lilica & Yurica each had a handbag. Since then, they have trouble separating.

It is true that it is a very practical accessory, they can put some objects like a small mirror, make-up for the nose, their smartphone and other small objects they keep the secret.

Dressed all in black, ready to go shopping, they discuss girls' conversations and check before leaving, they do not miss anything in their handbags.

Enjoy smiley,




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Hey girls, nice handbags you got there. Say, at some point you are going to burst your drawers because of all those goodies you are buying: You do realize that, right?! lol wink

But I admit I am already looking forward to see next month what you have bought yourself 

Have fun shopping!!


The cupboards overflow, they have more place to put away their clothes, lingeries and shoes ...laugh