Be Aware of the Doll Who Offers You the Apple



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Vala from XYcolo came to see me and demanded attention. She took off her bra

and told me she'd come to test me.

What do you do with a lady so luscious you'd like to eat her? Don't let her offer you the apple.

Before you can say "Jack Robinson"

she'll have jumped on you and eaten you before breakfast.


This series of photos had two inspirations. One was a set of photos of Helle Kjear

setting me the challenge of a doll with skeleton good enough to echo her poses

and the other, a sculpture by Canova of Paolina Bonaparte Borghese in the Borghese Palace in Rome

giving particular challenges for the posing of a doll

The folds of the sheet covering her in the sculpture were impossible to replicate with a sheet - I had to use a fleecy doll-blanket to approximate the look.

Choosing the right colour balance was an interesting question also. In echo of the Canova sculpture does one move towards the depiction of marble, or of flesh?

Of course with a real model the model poses and changes, but in the photography of a doll the doll doesn't move, much, at least, but the viewpoint of the camera can, and in that constraint becomes the challenge to reveal the illusion of animal spirit.

She doesn't actually say much. Do you think I might have passed her test?


Courtesy to Monica at XYcolo

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Awesome! Vala may be new, but she definitely has a talent for posing! Almost makes me tempted to do some good old days glamour posing myself surprise wink. I hope she's not going to cause a tremor of jealousy over there*.


Cheers,  Stellai

*If so, just send her over and I will have her join my T&E program wink  


haremlover, i apprecitate your Blog and all of it's elements. Being a painter, I have used Canova sculpures as models for figures in my paintings. He was the ultimate Romantic/Classisist Sculptor, no one better. You captured the Odelisque pose beautifully. Excellent work.

Thanks to both for your kind comments!