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Masai's blog: Super Bowl or Bust - October 2023

As the Pro Football season is well under way, Lorrie and I are huge SF 49er fans. I am also a die hard Joe Montana fan forever and a day. We both moved to California around the same time while I was in grad school and he came to the 49ers to be their quarterback. Now I’m really pissed that we haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1995. OMG are you kidding me? Then, we made it to the SB twice in the new millenium with coach Harbaugh and coach Shanahan...and we LOST!!! Lately over the last two seasons, we’ve made it to the NFC Championship game and LOST again!!!

Well, I’m tired of it. We have a really solid team with stellar players at key positions like Deebo, McCaffrey, Purdy, Bosa, Trent Williams and Brandon Aiyuk. With that lineup we should make a serious push for the Big Dance if we can get past...The Philadelphia Eagles.:) They surely messed us up last season with Purdy getting busted up and we ended up with zero quarterbacks and lost huge.:( Well, Lorrie and I can’t take it anymore. Shanahan is calling explosive plays these days but we need to beat the Eagles to get the job done. Let’s go people, us fans need a 6th Super Bowl to pad our stats. Is that too much to ask?????

Keep your head to the sky,


Masai & Lorrie


PS – Next month November will be Lorrie and I’s last blog and photoshoot. It has been a glorious journey but my health won’t let me do this anymore. Be sure and tune in to our farewell blog.

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