Mishka's Blog for October 2023


This month I am featuring NaiMei, a TaYu silicone doll. I have had her for a around 2 years now, and is a great doll for posing as she is super light - somewhere in the mid 40lb's and easily is my lightest doll. She stands in about any high heel shoe, and even has a back hook for complex poses, which I employed here, and edited out later.

In this photo set, we went outdoors, and dressed her up in very skimpy black shorts and a wet crop top. In many of these photos I used a 85-135mm lens that I use for many of these sets, and used the lens as a crop lens (for 135mm). On the Sony's you can switch the fullframe 35mm lens over so that it works as a crop sensor lens and the result is a 55mm lens with the same metrics as the 35mm. This has the one side effect of reducing the mpix from 65 to 24, but in my case, I rarely need that much, and crop to suit. On my 85mm lens, this will result in a 135mm.

I tried to get as much of body in a few shots to show her body off, and in others, mid closeup portraits were used.

Lighting here was natural diffuse sunlight,  and the resulting contrast made it easy to get good photos. When the light peeked through, the area would be unusuable, and I frequently had to move her around to avoid super bright washed out areas. In some ways I was avoiding and chasing the light!

Anyway, enjoy the pics

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