AHSOKA TANO From Padawan to Rouge and eventualy Jedi



I am and have been a big fan of Star Wars. From Kenner 4 inch to 12-inch figures I have collected many and many have made appearances in my TDF threads. But one very important person has been missing from my collection, a decent action figure for one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars world. 

When she first appeared, she was only 14 years old and already a Jedi Padawan to Anakin Skywalker! Hailing from the planet Togruta she is recognized by her distinctive blue and white head tails, or "lekku"!  She was a major character in the animated series “The Clone Wars”. She grew from a headstrong student into a mature leader but left the Jedi Order after losing faith in it. She later appeared in the series “Star Wars Rebels” and the show “The Mandalorian”. Now she has her own show simply called Ahsoka. This series picks up at the point where the Rebellion has defeated the Empire and trying to reconstruct a new government to replace the Empire. Of course, the Empire is not completely dead and many 'so called' converts are truly not big fans of the new government. Rumor spreads that Grand Admiral Thrawn is still alive and has escaped with a large Imperial Force to a distant Galaxy. She manages to discover the plot to find him and have him return to restore the Empire! Basically, the story is her efforts defeat them from their plans. I love the show, everything is correct, and all the characters are well done. 



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Shaak Ti - 2019 Hasbro  Star Wars 12-inch

Since she was the first Jedi killed when Order 66 was issued to the Clone Troopers (Kill all Jedi) and a flash back in the new show that she would be our host. This is one of the first attempt by a company to make a 12-inch action figure. Overall, she is terrible but all that was available at the time. What makes me laugh is every company has a different perspective on the light sabers. 


2018 Disney Forces Of Destiny Ahsoka Tano 11 inch

This is a cute version of the anime early character. But a poor figure for posing. She cannot turn her head, her shoulders are fixed, and her wrist joints are weak. Her Legs are more flexible. 


2022 Hot Toys SideShow Ahsoka Tano 12 Inch


Now this is a dream set. I love it. Even though she is not a Phicen, she is also not naked, so all that matters is how she performs. Just as posable as any Phicen and stands nicely without assistance. If you consider getting a set this is the one to get! She comes with a ton of cool stuff. I like the light sabers with interchangeable blades. Look, itty bitty holograms, how can you not love that! The cape is a bit of a pain but it could be just me. I am sorry I don't have the box available to show. 


2023 Sideshow Collectibles Ahsoka Tano 12 Inch

This new version is of the Anime Figure from the Clone Wars TV Anime Series and more accurate than the previous versions. This figure is also very posable, and I am not sure which, but is on a seamless body with a steel frame (hands on and off were like the smaller Phicens). Not much in the extras department considering this set cost more than the 2022 release (see above). Oh look, yawn, light sabers without blades (they all have the ability to remove the blades anyway). I will be honest, I had a very large redemption points about to expire and like I said, I have been watching all the Star Wars stuff on Disney, I had no idea they were so much, and most are good. Some little kid stuff but mostly adult and fit into the required time frames nicely. 

Hope you enjoyed my Star Wars theme this month and May the Farce be with you! :-) 





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