Mishka's Blog For February 2024


For this month, it may be cold outside, so I am going to warm up with photos of the Tayu QingZhi doll. She is 148cm silicone doll from Tayu and is my best photo model because of her super light weight and very flexible and skeletal joints with perfect tightness. In this set, I used a more seasonal theme with oranges, blacks and lots of gothic themes. Her hair and outfit was from Temu, and fit the bill for the look I was going for. I lit the scene with a few LED lights that were set to a RGB yellow/orange color to give her skin a warmer tone. Although she is white, I wanted to keep her face whiter due to the gothic theme, and I did her makeup in that thematic fashion. Her dress was shortened to half length, so her butt would be seen more in the shots.The original outfit was too long. On the far end of the set was a godox strobe set to a very low light emmision, and mostly to remove shadows. 


Enjoy the pics

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