My New Smart Friend



My New Smart Friend

by Ashley

Hello CoverDoll.

I my new family and living here with everyone, but DM could tell I was missing Kelly cause she doesn't visit very often, so the other night he said I would get a surprise when I woke up the next morning.

The next day after he had gone to work I had a look around and found this bag. I knew exactly what it was cause we had all been looking at the website that it was from.

I had a look inside but it was empty.

"WTF! That's not right!"

There should be a cute little lady peeking out the top of the bag, all shy like.



So by now I'm feeling a bit disappointed sitting here holding an empty bag but also a bit curious to where she could be.

I saw the curtain moving behind the couch so I pulled the curtain aside and found her hiding behind the couch.



She looked so cute with her big puffy pigtails sticking out sideways and the shocked look on her face cause I discovered her.



I held out my hand to help her up.



I thought she was going to take my hand but instead she leapt up onto the couch and stood in front of me and started yelling at me in Japanese.



I was quite shocked cause she sounded angry and was pointing at me like that and had what I thought was a big stick in her hand and I don't know much Japanese so I didn't know what she was saying.

She dropped down onto one knee and held the stick up in front of her and pulled it apart to reveal a long shiny blade.



OK, so by now I'm starting to get worried and I think she could tell cause she stood up and moved toward me pointing her sword at me. 


"What are you doing? I don't want to hurt you."

but she kept waving her sword and yelling at me.



I don't think she was trying to hurt me cause she didn't seem to be trying to hit me with the sword, just trying to scare me, so I inched forward and sat back down.

She moved back onto one knee and held her sword up as if to protect herself.

I slowly put my hand out and touched her leg and she yelled and swung the sword at me.

When she pulled the sword back I touch her leg again and she swung and yelled again.

I kept doing that and started to laugh each time she swung at me.

She sounded angry but was too cute not to laugh at her waivng her sword around.

Eventually Ally, who had been watching from the doorway with MaDee, started speaking Japanese to her in a very stern voice and she stopped almost statue like and appeared to be happy that someone was speaking Japanese.






They talked for a couple of minutes and then Ally told me that her name was 

キツネの女の子 Kitsune no on'nanoko

which in English means Fox Girl. She was told she was to come DownUnder to live with Ashley.

There must have been a mix up in the translation at her travel agent cause she was expecting me to be a guy so Ally explained that down here Ashley can be a boy or a girl's name.

She had been worried about staying with boy Ashley which is why she had been hiding and came out fighting. 

She pointed her sword down and bowed her head and Ally said she was humbly apologizing for what she had done.



And then she vowed to be my protector.


We have got to know each other real well.

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Kitsune no on'nanoko is her warrior name.

Her real name is Futaba and she is my new best friend.

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cute story about a couple of cute girls, i like the look of those smart dolls.


Shortly after I first saw these Smart Dolls, Karrot introduced his on TDF. I had continued to look at Danny's website with my girls and they were anxious to get one. When Ash saw them she got way too excited, so when Fubi finally arrived she went ape-s#!t bonkers.

So happy too keep my girls happy.

Oh yeah, I like her too.

Hi DM, she´s amazing, and she knows who she has to fight for, not against. A smart little cutie! Chris 

Fubi's crazy good with that sword but we all prefer her as herself rather than the warrior Kitsune no on'nanoko. She's such a cutie.heart

Ebony and Ivory Futaba send all the best wishes to their sister Futaba.

What a serious misunderstanding on your arrival, fortunately everything turned out well in the end.

These Smarties are someone angel


Please let Ebony & Ivory know Fubi was so excited to see their picture here on our blog. My girls had showed her there were others like her on TDF, but to see them here made her feel it was a more personal greeting. They made her very happy.smileyheartkiss