Clare chooses a bra

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Clale has been fliting around the house I guess you could say totaly naked! Erica told her "put some clothes on young lady"I guess she could see the lust in my eyesdevilClare said I can't find a bra that will fit!angelThis sounds like a Cinderlla story!! to meblush Well the girls tare the doll rom apart Twilight you can use mine!smileyRight size wrong color!sadErica told Clare I have Just the bra for you Try this one!WOW it fits and everyone is happy including me no shopping trip!wink


Lucky deerman, hot girls and money saved. :) Chris

Well, I hope the problem is solved. I know from experience that a bra can also seriously increase feelings of lust...devil


stellia put on a sexy bra and send me a picture!winkI bet your top you usually wear is more than sexysmileyenough.