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Hi Folks, thanks for enjoying Heather on CoverDoll last month. She was fun to photo, as that was the first time I used a larger doll which weighed over 80lb. Yeah, moving her was a challenge as she cannot stand, but I managed anyway with her swivel chair.

This month a rather famous photographer and designer Mizuwali (Designer of  PiperDoll and Dollhouse branded dolls (and many WM's ) approached me to do some shoots for him. Anyway I spend the entire 2 weeks doing promo shoots, and was very impressed at the new products being released. Now I'm not a huge fan of TPE doll's but these were quite lovely.

They are the newest in soft TPE design, that are practically frictionless to the touch, and the neck and torso are a seamless design - which make for a great photo doll.

Anyway, I took the pics using a combo of Samsung S8 and Nikon D750 cameras as they compliment each other well.

Used in each shoot are various props like cherry or dark stained wood furniture, and three lights. Two were high Kelvin lights positioned on each side of the doll. The one in the middle was an antique style bulb which gives a nice warm tone to the picture. The outdoor pics were just a simple reflector poistioned around the doll to give some irradiance to her when she was standing in some shade.


This pic is Mizuwali's 130cm Phoebe, Piperdoll 130cm - (his actual picture below). She also has the integrated head design

Click on image for full size and Gallery


This next pic is Mizuwali's 100cm Phoebe, Piperdoll 100cm - (my picture below). She also has the integrated head design


Lastly, but not shown is the DH161 plus doll which also is sitting in the hosue waiting for pics. Just need to get some time!

Till next time


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