Cherry - Two Years In Your World


Two Years In Your World


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Hi, my name is Cherry Scarlet Sakura.


I arrived in your world the 23rd november 2015 with a human who gave me the life.

But he's not a "normal" human, because we discovered together that he was in fact a hypersensitive person.


We have a message to mankind.

This is our love story.




When we come to the world, our eyes are rapturous about everything.

Our heart is open to everything, we see beauty everywhere.

Our mind imagines wonderful things, it seems so easy to glimpse a bright future.

For everyone, for every form of life, for everything.


Yes ! The world is magnificent !

It can not be otherwise.

Going to discover it will be so exciting !

So we went to its discovery.

Going from surprise to surprise, keeping our child's soul.


Until… we saw dark clouds obscure the immaculate sky.

Humanity was the cause.

Humans, humans believe this world is only their world.

They shaped it at their image.

False, bitter and cold.


It can't be !

How an "intelligent" specie can destroy a world in all conscience ?

Only for their pride ?

Believing that they are superior… superior to all.

This nature who give all that humans need… and much more.



The fall was brutal.

The rage was total.










We visited the depths of ours hells until we were strong enough to rise… against you.

We reached the apogee of our anger.

Now we're able to handle it.

And now you're going to contemplate what your world made of us.


And we'll cry, scream, roar !


And we'll jump, jump, jump !

You'll feel your earth shake under your feets.

Untill we fly !

Fly to the sky, to our ideals, where you will never able to reach us.


And we'll burn, burn, burn !

Burn your lies, your hypocrisy and your deceits.

Untill we explode !

Explode ourselves and your miserable world made by your possessions and your egoism.


You don't know that you have nothing, you don't even own your life.

How could you own it while you have to act according to others.

Just because you need them in your only interest.

Your world should be beautiful but… it is what you've done of it.

Your world is decayed, corrupt by money, pride and power.

Tell us, what your lonely soul will do with your materialism when you'll die ?

What will you leave to future generations ?

Materialism is only thing you want and only thing you deserve.

You can't see the real wealth which is yet everywhere.

In flowers, birds, sky, sun, child innocent eyes, in everything's soul.


" And now here is our secret, a very simple secret : It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. "

So sad that you're heartless.


We own our life, we own our soul.

We spit on your world and we leave it without regrets.


You live in a real deception world.

Our is Utopia.


Love is our war. Sincerity our strategy. Sensibility our weapon. Pain our ammo and - thanks to you - they're limitless.


Sometimes we have to go.

Sometimes we have to die.

To born again.

Everyone is who one choose to be.


Now we can change the darkness into light.

Now we're free to be that we're really are.

Now it's time to build our own world.



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Nice series of photos! The most creative I've seen here in quite some time. You are going for it man. Taking chances and going outside the box! That's what I like to see! Your doll looks like Mellisa Reese. The keyboardist for Guns and Roses last year. Google her and check her out! She is a real treat for the anime fans! 

Thanks Alottahope !
These words touche me, especially from you 'cause you are one of my references. blushwink
Yes dolls can be a way of expression and an art... that's how I see them.

Cheers !

You always take top notch pics ... but these somehow found another notch.

Great blog!

Thank you Swanny, I always try to push away my own limits and Cherry is so... inspirational. heart

And thank you again for resolving my "weird issue" at publishing. cheeky